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  1. Jab ye Pakistani patakhe tum indians gi gandi gandon ke neeche phaten ge to samajh me aye ga! Bout it will be too late for you/

  2. kAHAN KAHAN SE YE 15 20 YEARS KE INDIAN BACHE AAKAT STATICS SAMJHATEN HEIN SO shame/ Atleast reserch about the Pakistani nuclears arsenal!

  3. Khalid bin valid the sword of Almighty never loset a battle. There wre more than 226 battles under his command. The put the Persian , Visanti`s and Egyption empires on their kneels. So indian kuton bonkhte raho kiun ke kuton ko bhokne ke ilawa kuch nahi atta/ Sher sirf ek bar girajta he aur jab girje ga agli bar to tumhi pente geeli ho jaein gee. Itni bak bak bak bak!! Come and try to enter our borders atlast once, then we will show you.

  4. Pakistan Navy is a Shit Oblosete Junk Force. Porki Submarine will be Sunk in karachi harbour before they enter deep waters by Indian P8 I Poseidons.1971 Indian Navy Burnt Karachi harbour on Diwali day, Next war Pakis Navy will be toasted by Kolkata Class Guided missile Destroyers.Number of new destroyers and Frigates added in Indian Navy in last 2 yrs exceeds total number of ships in Porki Navy. Paki Navy is nothing,, INS Vikaramaditya is enough alone to toast paki sailors. Chutiya Country.

  5. In 1971 war Pakistan navy had four submarines but they only able to sunk INS Khukri. This show that Pak navy is a unprofessional force.

  6. Look at this guys. They are claiming they won all the wars with India including 71 war. These madrasa educated people do not have the common sense to ask some simple questions to their propaganda machinery.
    If you have overpowered Indian army, then why did 90,000/- Pakistani POW surrendered in front of Indian army? You need not believe Indian media. You can get BBC clippings of the same.
    Similarly what happened to East Pakistan?
    May be their school and colleges (read Madrasa) still teaching story of Bangladesh is a furious story by India and western media and East Pakistan is still alive and kicking.

  7. Every one should know that China is very much dependent on Pakistan, because Pakistan invented technologies are driving China's industrial growth and output. Actually Pakistani scientists were repeatedly denied for Nobel prize by western countries. Except China the whole world is doing conspiracies to destroy Pakistan and both Russia and USA even India wants to invade Pakistan to steal the technologies from Pakistan.

  8. pakistanis always like to write their own version of facts.
    1/ Pakistan's Military is world no. 1.
    2/Pakistanis are the most talented people in the world.
    3/Pakistan won every war with India.
    4/Pakistan will take over India one day and make Hindu's their bitches in an event which will be called Gazwa-e-hind.
    5/Osama didn't plan 9/11, it was an inside job.
    6/Every act of terrorism inside Pakistan is carried out by India.

  9. operation python forgot or what
    operation trident ..
    karachi port into flames only 4 warships ducked Pakistan 50% of the navy alone

  10. porkistan navy today….5 F22 Frigates from chinki bhai, 4 1960s ex type 21 frigates from britain…..1 oliver perry frigate from USA without any armament….and in submarine 2 agosta 70 fron 1970 & 3 agosta 90 b which r recently build… total naval vessel= 15 vessels in total…hahahahaha

    Indian navy today…..1 aircraft carrier with 20 mig 29 k, 10 ka 31 heli 5 seaking heli, 1 nuclear submarine , 14 diesel electric subs, ( kilo class, HDW class, scorpene class).

    14 frigates, 6 talwal class, 3 bhramaputra class, 3 shivalik class, 2 godavari class.

    11 Destroyers….3 delhi class, 3 kolkata class, 5 kashin class.

    Corvetts- 24 in number, amphibious ships= 10 in number.

    total principal fleet= 75 ships plus we also have 10 poseidon aircraft specially to hunt & kill subs….now inda : porkistan ratio is 5:1…..still they want to post such a pathetic video..1971 hahahahah…porkistal lost almost 1/3rd of their navy still they r in a mood to post such video…remember we fucked u so badly that ur next generation is coming retarded…lol

  11. khukri was only indian navi ship that u could sink that so was obsolete .. do u have any idea how much indian navi destroyed 2 destroyer , 1 submarine pns ghazi , 7 gunboat and 3 petrol boat . 11 merchant navi and others . destroyed karachi harbour and oil station n destroyed chittagong harbour olus established a blockade .. the only loss india suffered was 1 frigate khukri and 1 navi aircraft ..

  12. With a coastline of only about 1,046 km (650 miles), Pakistan does not need a Naval Force.
    No matter how much they spend (or rather waste), Pakistan cannot match the power of the navies of her neighbours India and Iran.
    It would be prudent for the Government of Pakistan to spend that money on social welfare like medical or educational needs.
    A small coast guard force to catch Indian fishermen is more than enough.
    The Indian fishermen are in fact their brothers on the other side of the border line drawn by politicians.

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