Nuke Threat! North Korea Launches Upgraded Soviet-Era ‘Ballistic Missile’ Submarine!

Pyongyang is modernizing once obtained decommissioned Soviet diesel submarine capable of carrying ballistic missiles either for active service or as a test bench for constructing a similar sub of its own, South Korean government sources say.

North Korea “imported a Soviet-era Golf-class diesel submarine and modified it,” Yonhap news agency has reported, citing a government source.

The Soviet Union constructed various modifications of Golf-class diesel-electric submarines, also known as ‘Project 629’, starting from 1958. The sub was capable of carrying three single stage liquid-propellant ballistic missiles (types vary on different modifications of the subs), with one nuclear warhead and six torpedo tubes, which could use nuclear torpedoes as well.

Twenty-three Golf-class submarines were constructed in the USSR over the years. At least one of them was lost in an incident: in 1968, a Golf II class submarine, the K-129, dived too deep in waters northwest of Hawaii and imploded. The crew of 98 all perished. In July 1974, part of it was recovered by the US in an unprecedented operation dubbed Project Azorian.

By 1990, all Golf-class submarines were decommissioned. Ten of them were allegedly sold to North Korea in 1993. And now it appears that North Korean engineers have been busy learning Soviet technology for the last 20 years and have got the sub seaworthy again.

32 thoughts on “Nuke Threat! North Korea Launches Upgraded Soviet-Era ‘Ballistic Missile’ Submarine!”

  1. So, they bought yet another obsolete boat from the new Red Navy? This boat has to surface to fire. All that change of depth makes a ton of racket and is a clear indication to fire. One Mark-48 from a SK AIP boat, and then it's pay-back time for the Cheonan.

  2. Thank u for finding these things out mos ppl do not give a damn about these thimgs. They only concern with nfl celebrities nba and the voting polls but do not see the bigger picture. Thank u again 

  3. This all reminds me of Pearl Harbor attack .   Remember the movie Tora Tora Tora  ?    Warnings ignored.  So very sad.
    Please,  those who don't know Jesus as Lord and Savior, do give your life to him.  God loves you so much ! 
    Don't ignore this warning. 

  4. Sub here, saw many of your vids so I know you will not reply but here's my point:
    Are you aware that more and more of your videos green light US agression abroad lately ?

  5. Nuclear submarines are the single largest threat. They can park anywhere, off any coast and shorten the time the missile reaches it's target. this in turn would make reaction time for reprisal shorter too.
    Now that we know the Chinese have caught up to Russia and the USA in the Sub game the whole globe has been made so much smaller in reference to another Global war.
    This Korean sub probably has some Chinese tech.

  6. COME ON. BOO BOO 7 again with no research. Do really think that it can't be tracked or that it would be allow to pose a threat? Well…. Scratch that BOZOBAMA is still in the CLOWNHOUSE. But, Come on BOO BOO 7 a sub with out the ability to launch underwater. But, never underestimate anyone. 

  7. Agree..3 N. Korean subs disappeared from radar last was spotted of the new York coast..before being threatened, but how long was it there? As for our nukes, when was the last time they were upgraded? Since Obama got in, the budget for the military has been cut each year, and key leaders retired or fired..almost as if they wanted the USA to be in a weakened state

  8. I would watch a "reality show" where they drop Dahboo into the pool of Kim Jung's private palace zen-Garden and he has to make it back to Connecticut without a single cent…

  9. I think we worry too much about tptb. We should refocus our energy on love and unity because let's be honest. There isn't a thing us little ppl can do about the stage of the world. A lot of us spend our time worrying and it's not helping. They want a perfect world whereas they control everything. Let's just pray they will do right and channel any fear towards unity. Too many of us have lost family and friends because of being labeled conspiracy theorists and what have you. Let's enjoy what we have because as far as I know, none of us can stop a nuke or a rogue country from doing the devils work. It's simply not our call. I wish that wasn't the case but its the truth. God speed and enjoy your lives. You do great work Dahboo, but try finding the positive things and not just the negative. Kinda like the Halloween prank lol. Much love and God Bless! 

  10. A nuclear detonation from any missile/rocket delivery will never happen (knock on wood) on us soil; thanks to the trillions that have gone into that protective defense network/program.
    By the time 1-3 nukes are launched our way, we would already have 5-10 rockets of death heading to the point of launch origin.
    North Korea can go suck a tiny fat dictator pens because they won't fuck with us. 

  11. How do you know he's a lunatic when all you know is facts from every news source they make this guy look crazy so we can invade and put the banking system up his ass 

  12. I find it amazing how the West continues to say N Korea is run by a madman and how much of a threat they are. Yet look at all the millions that the US and it's allies have killed throughout the world through war, famine, disease, etc. The US empire and it's agendas are the biggest threat to the entire planet. We are the biggest most horrible monster in history. What's more amazing than this is how the American people have allowed this to happen. How we stand by and continue to do nothing while all this goes on. Our government is the true monster. And the American people in general are even worse for it. 

  13. Well let's see if he nukes the WH first?Remember he's a racist against Obola.He Probably told Dennis Rodman about his new toy(s).we know Spoiled brat KIM Jung Un hates the US.Showing muscle now cause Russia's in their corner.

  14. Last post for me. Just won't to say Jesus love you brother. And everything is in his control. So if something happens then it's ment to happen. So just keep reporting it my brother. 

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