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Nuclear Reaction: US threatens actions against UN doing business with North Korea

The UN Security Council is expected to vote on a resolution that would impose even tougher sanctions on North Korea following its latest nuclear test. RT’s Caleb Maupin looks at what it would take for Washington to fulfill its economic threats.


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  • Gregory Shill says:

    Sanction N.K. won't work, Russia is still in the list of energy, trade, fiance sanctions and military blockcade by US bully to provoke regime change and more surprises is to come before the 2018 election.

  • ddd r says:

    Well, get ready. Usa clearly want War. War for profit or collapse

  • Rob says:

    But its ok for the us to do business with Saudi Arabia and war mongering Israel. Fuck off.

  • xavi Gaona says:

    Long live the republic of Korea

  • Boere plaas says:

    Bunch of fucking warmongers. But lose every war they start.

  • edward michaels says:

    N.K. is not gonna give up. Putin is right they'll eat grass before the give up the nuke. look what happened to Gaddafi & Saddam Hussein- they gave up cooperated with the U.S. and their outcome is certainly no historical incentive for N.K. to follow that path

  • Nathan Waters says:

    I feel that the entire theatre involving north korea is a trap aimed at extinguishing the USA. This involves Russia, China, Iran, India and other BRICS Nations.

  • Adrian A says:

    So lets be logical here, why would you trade with a country that threatens not just US, but also several other of its neighbors , Japan, South Korea, etc. While its also a small country trying to develop nuclear arsenal…. Why would you trade and help them then ? Whats the logic here Russia / RT ?

  • OvO Don says:

    What can america do if a emp fucks up the missle defensive systems lol a couple nukes would easily hit its sad to say but its probably what they gonna do

  • geminix365 says:

    this is real terrorism

  • bullet206 says:

    No way in hell you can pressure china to follow US or Russia!

  • krnpowr says:

    America is still bitter that it got its ass beat in the first Korean war.

  • Viriato says:

    US owns 15 trillion dollars to CHINA,if they go to war with CHINA, that means that US money would be no good to anyone, that means that USA couldnt buy anything from other countries (including OIL), DOLLARS would be like toilet paper…

  • Viriato says:


  • Big Gg says:

    dear supreme leader, I am literally in tears watching this! What an great honor!

  • bigearedmouse17 says:

    America has gone from "Walk softly with a big stick" to just stomping around with a big stick.

  • Truth Teller says:

    The US sanction against north Korean peoples (man, women and children) stated 50 years ago. It intensity continuously and persistently increased. This is the most damaging one. Not because it punishes North Koreans but also others who do business with North Korean. Mark my words. US will use this UN sanction to intensify it war mongering and more war drills and simulations will be conducted around that region in order to continuously provoking North Korea. Kim won't budge. More tests are under way. He knows, US, the West and UN can't do much. He got millions of live of Japanese and South Koreans and he keeps them as ransom. He is now in better position to negotiate then ever.

  • Abouttodeleteaccount X says:

    Holy jesus, you people people must be dumb to be pinning the blame on the United States. We're not the ones launching missiles over Japan or planning to invade South Korea. I suppose the concentration camps in NK are our fault as well?

    Also, your spelling and grammer is fucking atrocious. Jack asses.

  • Blackhawk 9 27 says:

    Why don't US just dump their own debt. And freeze US trade with China. The US can recover by forcing China purchase US debt as payment for supporting North korea, ouch wouldn't that hurt.

  • TURBO Pepper says:

    USA about to be a loner sanctioning themselves from the world!!😂🤣🤣

  • CTROCK says:

    Sanctions is a big joke! North Korea the only language they understand is WAR!

  • Aletheia Tritis says:

    US is just a big bully

  • Oggi Style says:

    If North korea stops the nuclear program trust me it will end like Iraq, North korea do it top protect themselves with heavy weapon. USA just attacking countries that has no threat like the middle east usa is the devil themselves why have a 500+ billion dollars budget on millitary every year if not youre not going to use is on war. All the terrorist in the world is made up by the Americunts Cia, fbi and of course the goverment and europe is just scared of us and keep sucking us balls come on even a stupid guy can see that usa is the big problem the world have, there gready and want more and more

  • Lanaya Theslayer says:

    If they impose sanctions on Nk Kim will get mad and probably launch another missile or maybe an ICBM this time then if it hit other countries, US will have the "motivation" to attack NK hahaha muricans. I hope Russia and China will do the same thing Italy did in WW2( check ur history book if u forgot what they did) so America can fück itself

  • Rogue Male says:

    Both the US and France conducted nuclear tests in the Pacific up until 1992.
    Niether faced UN sanctions.

  • Big Val says:

    Can't fuck with the U.S. The U.S fucks with you!

  • arkhamkillzone says:

    Lolllll cause America is now realising they have no friends and everyone is dumping their dollar. News flash, you cause this much trouble in the world and you will find your self all alone and with too many enemies to count. I would say good luck, only I don't wish that at all..

  • Nobdy Cancrossit says:


  • Nobdy Cancrossit says:

    When will the USA join the ICC ???? WHY ARE THEY NOT A MEMBER ????

  • thesecrete messenger says:

    North Korea is a bait

  • zyzz says:

    sanction America

  • peace world says:

    Wow, they invaded iraq and say iraq have wmd weapon without real proof, now n.korea have it. where are u yank asshole warmonger country? pussy??

  • Michael Mariner says:


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