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Norway: International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons awarded Nobel Peace Prize

The Norwegian Nobel Committee has awarded the 2017 Nobel Peace Prize to the International Campaign Against Nuclear Weapons (ICAN), in Oslo, Friday.

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  • areUaware says:

    Nuclear war is a certainty now!

  • Foerdi94 says:

    I had hoped for Putin to get one. Instead we have the usual "If we would just do the first step, eveyone else will follow. Just believe it! idiots whose mindset also brought you islamic mass massmurderers posing as refugees in your nighbourhood. The problem with those people is that they no longer go to church but made politics their church. How would the US disarming overnight change the reasons North Korea got the bomb in the first place i. e. insurance against regime change? Not one bit to the contrary, its bombs become even more valuable. Without those great arsenals of thousands of warheads the mere dozens of smaller states become even more valuable. I am very much for cutting down on arsenales built for the cold war (see Peter Hitchens on Trident) with the compromise being that they are modernized not least to improve safety but a world without atomic weapons is one in which the first terrorist to built one is king.The parallels to the gun control debate are obvious with some people believing millions of guns vanishing into thin air the moment a law is signed with all crminals and terrorists of course abiding the law to the letter.

  • Neil Robert says:

    Gun control
    We need to keep the Guns away from Democrats
    We need to start the religion of evolution

  • Blair Phillips says:

    Catastrophic is the correct word to describe the Nuclear weapons use. Ban them all AND Nuclear Power Generating plants.

  • Randy Kirkland says:

    When you gave Obama a Nobel Peace Prize, you became an absolute, international JOKE !!!!

  • Abdullah Cheema says:

    1st 😎

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