North Korea USA brink of war possibly Nuclear after Winter Olympics Breaking News February 9 2018

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North Korea USA brink of war possibly nuclear weapons end of the Olympic Winter Games Breaking News February 9 2018 USA considering military strike to prevent Kim Jon Un from crossing the ICBM threshold

North Korea fires missile @ Japan threatens USA EMP Nuclear Strike to Darkness

North Korea Seen Through the Eyes of Witnesses Defectors that Survived 2017


BREAKING USA Mad Dog Mattis Defense Strategy Nuclear Posture Review February 2018 News

RAW China SU35 Fighter Jets @ South China Sea as USA patrols area Breaking News February 9 2018

SpaceX Tesla Roadster Space Oddity in Orbit Earth shape spheroid Breaking News February 2018

Flat Earth findings REVEALED must watch

Aliens UFOs USA Navy Pilot shares his experience encountering UFO

UFO Aliens USA Military Pentagons secrets revealed made unclassified

RAW UFO Aliens ??? Chilean Navy releases video of mysterious flying object 2017 News

Never before seen Rocket Spiral Footage Separate from main Rocket December 2017

Breaking Israel Air Strikes Chemical Weapons base by Damascus Syria February 8 2018

Breaking Israel Air Strikes Chemical Weapons base Near Damascus Syria February 7 2018 News

China North Korea Kings of East Bible Prophecy End Times News Update against Israel Armageddon

Syria World Regional World War could trigger Nuclear conflict end times news

Russia Air Strikes on USA Led Terrorists Aleppo Syria Syrian Chemical Warfare End Times News

F35 USA 5th Generation Stealth fighter Jets

End Times Vision by David Wilkerson

Islamic State terror attack Canada Police Stabbed

ISLAM 101 Convert or be killed ISIL DAESH mass killings target Iraqi tribe

China Russia Alliance South China Sea China says USA Conflict leads to Disaster

Sunni Saudi Arabia & Shiite Iran tensions Brink Middle East Muslim War

Iranian Anti ISLAMIC Government Citizens protest

RAW Thousands Iranian Anti ISLAMIC Government Citizens protest

Bio weapon USA plans to release Genetically Modified Killer Mosquitoes

Mixing Human DNA with Animal DNA – Last Days End Times News Prophecy Update – Genetic Engineering

Labs Mixing Human Animal DNA Genetically Modified Foods GMO Last days End Times news

Loud unexplained sounds worldwide Last days End Times news

FEMA 800+ Detention Camps in USA last days Final Hour News

Israel Middle East Bible Prophecy End Times News Update

China Ready for War with India Holds Live Fire Drills Near Border

Final Hour the Coming Antichrist one world religion Armageddon A Woman Rides the Beast

Pope Francis CULT Catholicism Summit at Vatican with False Teachers Rick Warren Joel Osteen

Catholic Pope Francis Interfaith Chrislam service @ Ground ZERO

AntiChrist 666 NWO New World Order Full Movie End Times news prophecy Update

Signs in the Heavens End of Tetrad 4 Blood Moons what NEXT?

Left Behind Full Movie End Times Last Days Final Hour

Current Events Days of Ezekiel Bible Prophecy End Times Last days

Last Days End Times Must Watch Video Update

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    U2GO2 Heaven
    February 10, 2018 at 5:47 am

    USA considers preemptive strike on North Korea

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    February 10, 2018 at 8:52 pm

    North Korea Chooses War and Oppression. How can a hereditary murderous revolutionary communist dictator develop and wield the worlds most destructive weapon. That is too much power for any man who cannot be replaced by the people after even a short time let alone a bad one that will retain power for decades. The US is the country with the courage and strength to stop them. They control the minds of good strong people and it is sad that they cannot choose for themselves anything especially in this world of information. They have only created a military feudal system in which the peasant class can be used by the more privileged military hierarchy class system. It is State Slavery. Where is the line drawn on these weapons. The super powers already have them why should oppressive and murderous regimes be permitted to make and develop these weapons. We will be lucky if we don't have to fight the ones that do have ICBMs and SLICBMs and who knows what other crazy destructive weapons. They already hold South Korea and East Asia  and the Pacific Hostage why let them develop bigger and more destructive arms to do this. There is always War and if there is War with NK let it be swift and mighty for the destruction of the Evil North Korean military in North Korea. May our sharpest most deadly spear of weapons technology pierce the heart of their oppressive state regime. The world should tell the North Koreans to flee if their Leader will only continue the pursuit of nuclear weapons technologies. We cannot allow our enemies to become nuclear threats even at the expense of lives. South Korea will survive and It may not be Seoul but they were warned to not make this great city so close to the North. Then again it may survive and building a beautiful city of prosperity so close to the north shows the courage Koreans have. The smart ones have left Korea and all who can in any way should leave the big city even the peninsula. The United States will be your biggest friend or your worst Enemy. Kim Jung Un and North Korea only have to turn to peace and use their money and resources for peace not

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