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North Korea launches missile ahead of U.S.-China talks

North Korea’s fourth missile test of the year piling on diplomatic pressure early Wednesday (April 5).

The South’s military says a ballistic rocket took off from the Korean peninsula’s east coast, from the site of a known North Korean submarine base.

Seoul condemned the launch later that morning.

“This is a blunt challenge to a series of U.N. Security Council resolutions… and an act to threaten the peace and safety of the international community as well as the Korean peninsula.”

U.S. Pacific Command says the weapon was likely a KN-15 medium-range missile.

That’s one of several models the North’s been testing over the past few months, all believed to be in pursuit of crafting an intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit the United States.

Wednesday’s missile comes a day before U.S. President Donald Trump sits for talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping, where discussion over how to curb the North’s arms programs will top the agenda.

That includes whether Trump will make good on his threat to squeeze trade ties with China twisting Beijing’s arm to do more to control an unpredictable Pyongyang.

A senior White House official told Reuters Trump views the North as a test of U.S.-China relations.

Beijing maintains it doesn’t have that kind of pull with its unruly neighbor.


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  • Grubkill3r 101 says:

    What if North Korea fires their nukes but failed in mid flight launch and instead land on their country?

  • AC History says:

    Stop talking. Start doing.

  • christopher gaughan says:

    time to send in the drones

  • Bagabones Felis says:


  • SAN DA says:

    We pay a lot of money to the government not to worry about stuff like this. They better get it togather!

  • Salvador por.una.reforma.para.madres.indocumentadas says:

    Diplomacy is the answer and if diplomacy fails diplomacy is the way… "PEACE is our Motto"
    *A bet aliens can't comprehend humans, such a beautiful planet, women, children, food, everything to be happy but furiously chose to be miserable fighting and killing each other, humans are bizarre!!!

  • Lost Words says:

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  • DudeWatches says:

    So, this is just me talking right now, but… What would happen if any of those test missiles were not test missile's? Like how would we know if they sent one of the nuclear warheads into one of the missiles they are testing? Even if a nuke only exploded in the ocean, it would cause immense title disruptions, and spread massive amounts of radioactivity.

    They do not have to hit us directly to fuck up our ecosystem that we humans living. Radiations will screw up any sort of biodome, even our concrete jungles. What assurances do any of us have that this crazy fat kid isn't going to blow up Japan or South Korea anytime soon?

    We have this dangerous Kim Jong Junior trying to live up to his father's legacy by firing more test rockets than we have ever seen fired from his father, literally open threats to nuking people. If we are not shooting down these test missiles, what is the guarantee that we will shoot down the one that matters?

  • Edwin Ramirez says:

    2 crazy dude trump and kim jesus don't let this to happen.

  • Scitch2781 says:

    it worries me more than trump has nukes . America is the biggest war criminal on earth

  • Swaggersaurus Rex says:

    That Kim Jong Un twat is completely insane and out of control. It's pretty clear he's beyond negotiating with.

  • RC Rules says:

    Time for Trump to shut that shit down. BBQ that fat little retarded pig kim jung.

  • ron lyson says:

    Fat Boy Kim just flipped the US and China off, time for a regime change in N.Kores

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