4 thoughts on “Nominee 3: Coast Guard Falcon Farewell”

  1. Other than to serve a bunch of flustered CG Pilots who wanted to be Fighter Pilots, this plane was one big mistake! The CG Hangar at Traverse City was especially designed to house this aircraft. Within a year of it being deployed there, it was realized as a mistake and all were transferred out. A turbo-jet aircraft drinks copious amounts of fuel at low altitude, seems the USCG wanted to prove that fact wrong.  (Note all fixed wing CG Aircraft are now Turbo-Prop)  A retrofitted Biz-Jet  with a hole in its belly allowed little better than a note in a bottle to be dropped telling those on the surface: "Yea, we see you!"

  2. I am Aaron I am 9 years old.I like this video because it tells me what the Falcon was used for the Coast Guard.This video made me think of going to the Coast Guard.

  3. I was an AE3 at AVTRACEN Mobile 1983-1985. went to the first HU-25A "C" School in Elizabeth City NC. I believe the CG had 41 all total starting with the 2101-2142. Loved working on them and flying as crewmember! The Falcon taught me so much…sad to see them go.

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