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News in Brief — June 15th — 04:30 GMT

A U-S newspaper has revealed that President Donald Trump is currently under investigation for possible obstruction of Justice.

The President of the European Commission has ruled out the possibility of renegotiating the Paris climate agreement following the U-S withdrawal from the accord.

More than a dozen international rights groups have warned of a QUOTE total collapse in the Gaza Strip if Tel Aviv proceeds with its plans to further cut power supplies to the besieged enclave.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria holds a rally, calling on the government to obey a court order and release its leader Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaki.

The U-S Senate has voted overwhelmingly to advance wide-ranging sanctions against key sectors of the Russian economy.

The U-S military has stepped up its presence and firepower in the highly strategic deserts of southeastern Syria.

A Syrian army delegation holds talks with Iraqi military officials in Baghdad.

Iran’s envoy to the International Atomic Energy Agency says the IAEA is not in a position to interpret the nuclear deal after new arbitrary interpretations were introduced.

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  • Anas Malhotra says:

    sanction israel if u have the balls dor that assholes

  • Ibrahim Ljusebring says:

    set up international sanction's against the u. s?!?! It's easy , use the raqqa operation and mosul invasion by the u.s in syria and iraq for the chemical weapons they repeatedly are using, different types aswell like: the banned weapon of mass destruction white phosphorus, used both in raqqa and mosul. And depleted uranium which also is very illegal according to international law but they use it everywhere in the world nowdays,, and also their illegal presence in syria and the heavy civilian death toll caused by the u.s illegal bombings. so go now, sanction the ass out of them

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