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New Indian Navy Next Generation Stealth Corvettes To Be Optimized For Sinking Chinese Ships

This video shows you that New Indian Navy Next Generation Stealth Corvettes To Be Optimized For Sinking Chinese Ships.
The seven new stealth “Next Generation Corvettes” that will join the Indian Navy by the next decade will be armed with anti-ship missiles — probably BrahMos — to destroy warships of the People’s Liberation Army Navy Surface Force (PLANSF), whose incursions into the Indian Ocean show no signs of slackening.
The as yet unnamed class of missile corvettes last week received $2 billion in funding from the Indian government. The construction of these surface combatants is part of the Indian Navy’s rearmament plan to have 200 warships by 2027 from the current number of 140.
The new Next Generation Corvettes (NGC) will be built under Project 28A. These warships will have a potent anti-ship missile capability; an adequate point defense missile system and will feature advanced stealth technologies.
Specifications by the navy want each NGC to carry eight anti-ship missiles to attack enemy warships. Each NGC will be outfitted with a multi-function surveillance and threat alert radar for early warning and target acquisition.
The NGC will also be fitted with a surface-to-air missile system and a close-in weapon system (CIWS) for anti-missile defense. Its defensive systems should be able to defeat sea-skimming missiles flying three to five meters above sea level at speeds up to Mach 3 (3,700 km/h).
For anti-submarine warfare, NGC will be equipped with active towed array sonar and two lightweight torpedo launchers.
NGC should have a range of not less than 7,400 kilometers (4,000 nautical miles) and a speed of 50 km/h (27 knots). It will be a 120 meter-long, single hull warship with low radar, acoustic, magnetic, visual and infrared signatures. These corvettes will have a crew of some 150 officers and men.
Warship construction at Indian naval shipyards is going on non-stop where some 50 warships are being built. The intensified pace is also due to the Make in India campaign that fosters “indigenization, or the domestic construction of warships and the use of equipment and weapons made in India as far as is possible. The new Next Generation Corvettes are expected to be further examples of indigenization.
The navy’s newest corvettes, the Kamorta-class or Project 28, are anti-submarine warfare corvettes built to hunt down and destroy submarines, including nuclear submarines of the type operated by China.
The first of four ships in this class, the INS Kamorta, was commissioned into the navy in 2014. The last ship in the class, the INS Kavaratti, should be completed by late 2017. The second ship in this class, the INS Kadmatt commissioned in 2016, was 90 percent indigenous.
The Next Generation Corvettes will be the first corvettes built to destroy surface warships.

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  • Yi Peng Pan says:

    It will be built in 2070 according to recent speed

  • Thomas Cassidy says:

    I can't help myself India fuck yea!!!!

  • Kaushik Sarkar says:

    Truthseeker please are you out of your mind. Do not make this remark again in open forum everyone will die of laughter. You Chinese have a chronic problem starting from your leaders to people like you which is lying. Take the fact as it is.

  • Ramesh Singh says:


  • mungamuri satyanarayana says:

    next decade. by the time China would have devoloped entire artificial islands into war zones. no use. Indian action plan is time taking but China will never reveal anything like Indians. this episode is full of graphics only. Actually entire workd particularty the US shivering about Chinese quantum technoligy which can paralyse entire war ships and airforce mechanuam of any nation. hahaha.

  • Kaushik Sarkar says:

    Shyam why waste money on new design of submarines when we can get it cheaper in market. Use your brain although I doubt…..

  • Kaushik Sarkar says:

    Ian the idiot,Brahmos is enough to blow D52 to bits and Chinese navy very well knows that.

  • Shyam Koundinya says:

    Such idiotic headlines. What do you mean "optimized for sinking chinese ships"? Would it not be good at sinking paki ships or other nations ships? Are Chinese ships special? Do they fly?

  • Pyrob Lighter says:


  • francis lim says:

    Just Wondering. When will this FLIPs OVER like the BETWA???

  • YU bai says:

    Why India people try all days think about how to declare war with us Chinese. I really don't know that, because in China we never talk about India. We talk about our own things. Maybe some about USA Russia and some country which is having war now. Really, no one talk about India.

  • Simon Lau says:

    India spent too much to import foreign weapons, which won't make India strong but instead, lacks of resources to develop infrastructure.

  • Tom Qin says:

    Indian can talk. Here is an ingenious way to launch a warship in India (taken on Dec 6, 2016) –

    What a joke!

  • 中國戰略忽悠局 香港分部 CITW says:

    This thing can sink china ship?Are you talking about fishing boat?

  • ARMORED KONG says:

    Indian Navy :
    -Aircraft Carrier : (2)
    -Amphibious Assault Class and Landing Carriers : (12)
    -Destroyers : (10)
    -Frigates : (14)
    -Corvettes : (26)
    -Mine Warfare Craft : (6)
    -Patrol Craft : (135)
    -Submarines : (14)


    PLA Navy :
    -Aircraft Carrier : (1)
    -Amphibious Assault Class : (36)
    -Destroyers : (32)
    -Frigates : (48)
    -Corvettes : (26)
    -Mine Warfare Craft : (4)
    -Patrol Craft : (138)
    -Submarines : (68)

    Winner : (PLA Navy)

    US Navy :
    -Aircraft Carriers : (10)
    -Amphibious Carriers : (9)
    -Amphibious Assault Class & Landing Carrier : (58)
    -Destroyers : (62)
    -Frigates : (6)
    -Corvettes : (0)
    -Cruiser : (22)
    -Mine Warfare Craft : (11)
    -Patrol Craft : (13)
    -Submarines : (75)


    Russian Navy :
    -Aircraft Carrier : (1)
    -Amphibious Assault Class : (32)
    -Destroyers : (15)
    -Frigates : (4)
    -Corvettes : (81)
    -Cruisers : (3)
    -Mine Warfare Craft : (45)
    -Patrol Craft : (14)
    -Submarines : (60)

    Winner : (No one! The ocean will turn blood)

  • kempmt1 says:

    3:30-What ship is that and who designed it? It looks cool!

  • עקיבא חַאן says:

    this look deadly

  • INFO TECH says:

    tum text reading ke like konsa software use karte ho. please tell me

  • Gameskool says:

    Should really take a look at the stealth corvette of french maker CMN, they have really stealthy designs and the prices on the market are not too bad, around 200/250 million Euros each.

  • usaopympia says:

    propaganda channel. Who will pay for this weapons your govt is corrupt and your money is worthless.5000 pupee = 1 penny hahaha stupid sand niggers.

  • Shivani Mekapati says:

    there are some traitors.indian navy roars.

  • smit009 says:

    India need atleast of 300 warships to dominate the sea

  • VHP says:

    good presentation
    please make presentation on the topic "indian navy strength in 2025" as soon as possible

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