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Navy Secretary Says “Any Patriot” Should Be Allowed To Serve In Military

On Thursday, Navy Secretary Richard Spencer contradicted President Donald Trump by saying “any patriot” should be allowed to serve in the military. Norfolk’s Daily Press reported that the comments contradicts Trump’s stated position that transgender troops should not be allowed to serve. Spencer said that “any patriot that wants to serve and meets all the requirements should be able to serve in our military.” On Thursday, Trump was asked by reporters about his decision to ban transgender troops and said he has “great respect for the community.”

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  • Troop Number says:

    Transgender is a mental disorder called Gender Dysphoria, and people with mental disorders are not allowed into the military.
    They don't take in just anyone, they have strict requirements.
    Besides that, they have to take off too many months recovering from gender reassignment surgery, which makes them not deployable.

  • 2bRealist says:

    What about a patriot with schizophrenia?? would you allow them to join the military?? No of course not. Well Transgenders are on the same category as those with schizophrenia.

    Transgenders are not gay… Transgenders do have a mental disorder. It is that simple. I don't care if fit gay people join the military, but anybody with a mental disorder…. any mental disorder, should not be allowed to join.

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