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Navy SEAL Who Killed Bin Laden Entertains Famous Guest At Wedding

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  • Chris Cross says:

    Western Journalism is just another propaganda outlet, this clown did not kill Usama Bin Laden, because he died in 2001 from kidney disease.

  • Vader Vaders says:

    Nobody but the Zombie squad is buying this horseshit OBongo NOBODY!!!!

  • Geraldine Mitchell says:

    Bin Laden died in 2001, it had more to do with his kidneys as he was on dialysis, had absolutely fk all to do with navy seals, are people seriously still believing that story, they should be ashamed of getting duped again, Tim Osman was a CIA operative, question everything as nothing is ever what it seems.

  • yogini sd says:

    Since when do they hire kidney complications as Navy Seals?

  • rebelfrom1944 says:

    Baloney – Bin Laden died years before with kidney disease. That's why the dead Imposter was buried at Sea… Never believe anything the government tells you.

  • kanukster says:

    He might have killed someone that night, but he certainly didn't kill Osama. The entire mission was a CIA psy-op designed to distract from the release of obamas forged birth certificate two days earlier. The fact that no one seen the body, which was supposedly dumped at sea for muslim tradition (which is also BS), is very damaging to the 'official' version.

  • jag10 says:

    Corky Killed Tim Osman?

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