More CNN Misinformation. Russia’s “Aggressive” Victory Parade. US Troops marched before Red Square

Debunking more of CNN’s contradicting Yellow Journalism. Calling Russia’s 71st Victory Day Parade “Aggressive” and to “Show off Russia’s new Military to the West”, while nothing new was shown in the Parade. Also not mentioned, how on the 65th V-Parade, NATO Troops marched on Red Square. Conclusion: Victory Day is an annual Holiday celebrated in many countries with Military Parades.

– April Reports, CNN Contradicting ITS OWN Information of Russian Flyby of US Warship USS Donald Cook:

My other Media Debunking Misinformation Video’s:
– 11-04-2015: International Media claims a Russian Cargo Plane crashed in S. Sudan. The plane was actually Ukrainian, leased by Turkmenistan:
– Multiple Media’s claim Russia bombed 5 Hospitals in Syria in November 2015. 2 US State Dept Meetings claim they have evidence, but never provided any. No specific date, no location, no name of the hospitals, no death toll, no plane used, etc for “the risk of National Security”:
– 12-24-2015: Dutch Paper “Telegraaf” reports on Ukraine not providing Radar Images of MH17 Plane Downing, and included Russia is also not providing Radar Images and Video’s. Debunked, and proved that Russia not only provided, but publicized Radar Images and Video’s a couple of days after the MH17 incident, which matched other International Aircraft Radar Trackers:

CNN “Putin takes a swipe during Victory Day”-
65th Victory Day (Part 5) –

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37 thoughts on “More CNN Misinformation. Russia’s “Aggressive” Victory Parade. US Troops marched before Red Square”

  1. Russia needs to remove its invading troops from independent Ukraine. We still haven't received Russia's apology for shooting down a civilian aircraft killing men, women and children – typically cowardly Russian military.

  2. 3:16
    "A remark interpreted by some as Putin taking a swipe at the us for its support for some rebel groups in Syria which Russia considers terrorist."

    lol putin didnt say that..

  3. One would have to be blind NOT TO SEE the obvious showing off of Russia's military – like a peacock spreading its fanny.

  4. LOL. Gotta love how CNN throws in the headline "NATO debuts missile system after Putin military parade." — as if we just invented a missile system right after Russia has a military parade in response to it, and weren't necessarily developing that missile system for years!!!! I guess this is just crappy propaganda attempt to make that missile system seem defensive or to justify its cost and creation. It's in response to those damn dangerous Russian military parades LOL.

  5. The ZioNazi media is every day more ludicrous !
    These bastards are the prime movers of the illegal wars that US started against Iraq, Afganistan, Lybia and now Syria .
    Why not attack fucking Saudia who has financed 9/11 and most terror actions all over the world ? If only people in US would develope a minimum of common sense and curiosity about the strange relations with both IsraHell and Saudi Arabia !?!
    Do US people realise that US's foreign policy is driven by AIPAC and consorts ?
    Why the final words of Ike, that great general and president are not taught at school ?


  7. Uploaded on my other channel due to being longer than 15 minutes, a Compilation of Multiple Cities in Ukraine of Nationalsts attacking World War II Veterans and clashing with their family members that went out on to remember their fallen comrades and lay flowers on the Memorials. Veterans were attacked, Pepper Sprayed, Thrown Paint at, by Aidar, Azov Civil Corps, and Right Sector, and shot a Police Officer in Kharkov for his "Communist Defending Traitorous Act". Video Link Here:

  8. Congratulation all Soviet-Russian and anti-NATO patriots on a great Victory over Nazi in the Second World War! Peace and prosperity for the Great Russia! God Bless!

  9. молодцы,раньше вместе отмечали!что изменилось?так историю перекавекали?а главное свой народ переделывают!другие ценности!)

  10. the american logic of how can the world be in peace
    murica is always right .
    no one has the right to make weapons apart from murica.
    no military parades outside murica.
    the whole world should listen to murica in cases of conflict.
    if murica is wrong , refer to rule 1.

  11. Yes, the parade hasn't been going on for decades. The parade was started in 2014 to celebrate the invasion of Europe. Glad CNN is getting the truth out there.

  12. That's exactly what the US media is feeding their citizens everyday, living here 11 years and watching it, I think I can say US "media" is misleading in some of their stories, and they don't say it straight in the face, they code it with tricky words. Some people only watch 2-3 channels and they don't have a clue what is happening from other point of view. If the US "media" said it happened, then it must be true? Not always.

  13. I don't see the misinformation. It's just news channels talking about how (sadly in my opinion) Russia and America are very far from one another on a diplomatic scale and this creates mass tension.

  14. Totally not because Ex-Soviet States like to honor their Veterans with these Parades.. Or that almost every city has these parades in many countries.. or that this Parade was much smaller than last years because 70 being a decade anniversary while this was 71 year anniversary.. and totally not taking into account of the Festival and Show that is after the Parade and Fireworks (so that parts not for the West, but just Military Hardware driving by is for the West?).. and US, British, French, Polish, Ukrainian, etc etc Troops partaking in the 65th Parade, guess they forgot about that.

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