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Maryam AL-khalifa eloped with us marine Joson Johnson to USA in November 1999.flv

الاميره الشيخه البحرينيه مريم ال خليفه الهاربه مع عشيقها المارينيز جاسن جانسن الى امريكا سنه 1999 Princess Maryam Al-Khalifa Eloped with Us Marine Jason Johnson to USA in November 1999

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  • الحنين بن الثقفي بن القفي says:

    عسي الله يستر عليه بنت الأجواد بنت الذوات أسم الله حارسه

  • Leah Ligtas says:

    ah ..based on true story d i ni

  • Metro Nail says:

    I did not see that comeing, ever…

  • mohammad saberi says:

    Maybe a rafidah jew from iran have made this video beacuse Bahrain is infected by rafidah so they want to use every trick.

  • dbzgal04 says:

    I'm not meaning to offend anyone, but if Islam really is all about "peace and love," why should it be such a big deal if a woman falls in love with a man from a different religious and/or cultural background?

  • Glenda Jones says:

    Which religion is/are the child/children?

  • RockstahRolln says:

    Wait… so she liked the Vegas lifestyle and that's why they got a divorce? Nice. Any chance she got a face and body lift and is now Mia Khalifa? LOL!!

  • Glenda Jones says:

    Where is she now?

  • Glenda Jones says:

    Where is her Veil?

  • Jalad Sayed says:

    Shame on her and what did she get outa ov it ? Nothing she is just like a bigger on the streets

    Kofar cannot never be yours unless you leave your deen for them
    She even left her deen for him and still what did she get outa ov it a shameful life with big regrets 😂😂😂😂😂😂😢

  • Luisa Palu says:

    What is up with the music in the background? On the other hand the movie is alright

  • Hanan Kuehnle says:

    Such a marriage could not have lasted(five years was definitely a miracle for these two!)very long!!!…Why?1.)Both of them came from very different cultures!!!2.)She came from a family of great,great material wealth and to marry some common middle class american marine?…How was that going to work???3.)It's was a huge surprise that she even considered someone like him!!!…Afterall,there are so,many non-arab women that love to be with arab men(arab men from the gulf countries especially have a well deserved reputation for having very large penis sizes as well as great sexual staminas that all women rave about!!!)..and yet she took a gamble on him etc.Goes to show that the vast majority of mixed marriages from very different cultural backgrounds are doomed from the start!!!It's simply best to stay within one's cultural/national background….although I do beleive that it would have worked better if it were to have been the other way around!!!In other words,a man from Bahrain with an american woman would been a truly successful match indeed!!!…

  • Jay says:

    I know of two people that had a similar situation. Morgan & Jason was in love an was torn apart because Morgan's father Gofart felt he wasn't worthy being as he was from a broken home. Jason took all kinds of chances with the law, friends an family. Only to have her betray him. ~ BLOOD IS THICKER THAN WATER~ Love is an illusion ! 

  • ellamae says:

    Don't think she is pretty at all.  But hey, if he found her attractive.  She has a pretty big nose.

  • Shia M says:

    REASON FOR DIVORCE: The couple filed for divorce on November 17, 2004 (one day after their fifth wedding anniversary) in Las Vegas, Nevada, citing "incompatibility in marriage."[16] According to Johnson, Al Khalifa had plunged heavily into the Las Vegas nightlife, subsequently leading to an estrangement. The couple had been considering divorce since 2001.[15] Wiki Pedia

  • Laurence Shine says:

    I have only now found out that they divorced. I think it is so sad after what they both went through and the love they had for one another.
    I was looking on Amazon to buy the film which I have watched many times. I do hope that both of them are Happy, even though the marriage ended

  • أمجد جعفر says:

    ماتشبعون من المتعه يا بنات شيوخنا

  • fml3131 says:

    All that after what jason had done for her. What an ungrateful cunt!

  • Shekhar Moona says:

    What is she doing now. Hmm reality TV show

  • Aziza Rahman says:

    Yes, she was a kid…only 17…and of the Royal Family in Bahrain…What I'd like to know did she ever go back to Bahrain after her divorce..or stay here in the States? Well if anyone knows it would be Oprah..she had her on her show..I read that the FBI stopped her husband to tell him that a bounty of $500,000.00 had been put on her..The FBI actually stopped the assassin from going to their apt. in Las Vegas…Would love to see her know at 33 years of age..Oprah should have her back on her show.

  • Salma Lahrichi says:


  • Salma Lahrichi says:

    ايه والله ههههههههه

  • Salma Lahrichi says:


  • Salma Lahrichi says:

    ليه فضيحة؟؟

  • jacobsmomma1000 says:

    actually on wikipedia it says the reason for their divorce is she got too wrapped up in the Las Vegas nightlife, not because he was poor.

  • sammar aseri says:

    lol i don't blame her for leaving him! she was just a kid and dumb and now she realized what she did was stupid and it was soooo fast, she never had the time to think, now she's back to be a princess, she saw being a poor isn't fun at all, she left him and now she's really having fun with her life, she's a grown ass woman now and decides what's best for her

  • Francisca M. Celeste says:

    It ws sad se divorced at da end

  • Aliee M says:

    Shame on her!

  • sarah Tara says:

    basicaly they are just insulting her…

  • bonnie litherland says:

    english anyone

  • Haya Alzayani says:

    السالفة قديمه للحين تتناقشون فيها ….من سنة 1999 …

  • max Al Badi says:

    هههه والله حاله يرثى لها هذا حال معظم الاسر الحاكمه في الخليج

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