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Marine Le Pen on Muslims and Nigel Farage

Marine Le Pen puts Laura Kuenssberg from BBC Newsnight in her box. The typically agenda riven bias was well in evidence here when Kuenssberg tried to get Le Pen to say that UKIP and the FN were fellow travellers. I found Ms Le Pen very adept at keeping control of the interview in not allowing herself to be pigeon holed by this BBC lackey. I admired the way that she admonished Kuenssberg for being more interested in her own questions rather than Ms Le Pens answers, a typical BBC Journalist problem unless they are interviewing someone from the left, the Guardian worshipping Shites.

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  • Michael Johns says:

    She looks like she could play Vincent Cassel's wife in a hard hitting, gritty, social realist film set in a Parisian banlieue, about an unemployed, alcoholic ex boxer stuck in a loveless marriage.

  • gaatutube says:

    That anchor is terribly ill informed about islamic terrorism and the dangers that muslim invasions of europe present.

  • Gary B says:

    i love her passion, these "journalists" don't actually listen to a word she says, they keep cutting her off wo addressing what she just fucking said. People have had it with politicians and the Media and they can't even see that just like the Brexit vote.

  • Derek Van Booven says:

    I'll throw in my two cents as an American, I like her patriotism and the idea of throwing out the current order in France, but I feel she takes it too far, particularly with the ultra secularism towards any and all religions (not just the Muslims) and her economic stances. But that's just me. I do agree though that the EU is the greatest concern first and foremost

  • Paul Adams says:

    Noticeable this liberal leach from the BBC says British politicians and not the BRitish people , hope she's looking forward to her trail 🙂 treason ( which will carry the death penalty ) and crimes against her own people's security and well being ,

  • rick nash says:

    well said ma'am

  • Dan Marino says:

    If i were French, i'd vote for La Pen.. absolutely 100% Love her.

  • Dan Marino says:

    For all we know these so called refugees (mostly single men ages 18 – 45) were former prisoners in their native countries. What better way to balance your budget and save your economy than to open the prison floodgates and send them all to Europe to spread terror and mayhem there.

  • ellamae says:

    all islam is bad, a cancer

  • Paul Morris says:

    The BBC are such blatant lackeys for the establishment. The interviewer's obsession with muslims was both hilarious and ridiculous.

  • MotherMary says:

    Vive Le Pen. I hope you win and give your Country back to the French people. Down with the E U.

  • Robert Harwood says:

    Wow, what an orator!

  • H.A. Treesong says:

    The BBC are a bunch of spineless liberal traitors….they should be shut down.

  • Kyle Anderson says:

    I don't give a fuck about Le Pen or any other Politician, but Religion and Greed will be the end of humanity

  • templer priest says:

    what a stupid remark by the reporter,,, saying she will ban hala meat,,,,,,, what about the rest of the world who have had this condition just forced upon us,,,,bow to religion not mine or millions,,, hope le-pen gets in,,,

  • Davy Scales says:

    It appears that the media controls governments now, where as it should be the other way round.

  • Shaolin Logic says:

    "you are more interested in your questions than hearing any answers". A great line that applies to most liberal morons at the BBC.

  • Alan Thomas says:

    Any so-called "reporter" from the BBC is a traitor to the British people we all know it!

  • Brian Mosse says:

    When reasonable people lose their reason, all we have is the truth and this woman is truthfull about what she believes.Unlike the Commie that is the BBC masquerading as the truth.

  • Human “Mr” Smith says:

    'At worse offended, at best prejudiced.' Offense is officially worse than prejudice to the bbc. But seriously, wtf kind of interviewer goes in with such obvious contempt for their guest. If you disagree, fine ask away your questions, but at least pretend to show respect. Entitled scum getting paid the big bucks for this garbage, yet another reason the MSM is falling off a cliff and good riddance.

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