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Marine Corps Innovation Challenge

The Innovation Challenge gives Marines a chance to better the Corps with ideas that’ll improve their unit or mission. Submit your idea here:

You must have a Common Access Card to compete.

The deadline is July 15th. Winner will get funded travel to help make their idea a reality, as well as recognition and other opportunities.

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  • S.J. Hixon says:

    Lt. Gen. Dana, Good seeing that you're still fighting the fight.  I am still in Arizona and things are good.  If you get a chance, give me a call at the Sheriff's Office


    Step 1…weed out all liberals.

  • Cristian Cusac says:

    Idea #1: Make this link work.
    I hope you aren't limiting it to Gov computers. Having Marines decide if they want to go home or submit something that, because of previous experience, might get denied because of their rank anyway is a bad idea.

  • jaimefdezmv says:

    Gen. Dana, I sent you a letter with a fine idea to the Innovation Challenge email. I hope you receive it from the people in charge there

  • Evelyn Delaney says:

    OMG! I love this!

  • Emily Duhs says:

    SUBJ: CHANGE IN STATUS QUO. 18 June 18, 2016
    In response to LtGen. Dana’s request for input for improvement in the Marine Corps, I will make the following suggestion which would be a change to the “status quo.” Marines should be allowed to wear the camouflage utility uniform in public- off base especially in airports. That is the thesis of this suggestion. So for the traditionalist among us that find this suggestion abhorrent, stop reading now as my rationale will not satisfy your objections.
    Over the years I have witnessed many times in airports both Soldiers and Airmen wearing their camouflage utility uniform. Those troops enjoy the perks of both the airlines and the general public when seen wearing their uniforms. Perks include everything from applause from the general public, offers from civilians who buy their dinners at the many restaurants in various airports, advance boarding for uniform personnel, and preferred seating inside the aircraft. Marines, on the other hand, do not enjoy such perks because they are prohibited from wearing their cammie’s while traveling on commercial aircraft. I remember specifically being in “Ruby Tuesdays” when I observed a table of young Marines wearing their typical travel clothing. My indication that they were Marines was the haircut. When I asked if they were Marines they confirmed my suspicion so I picked up their bill for the meal. This type of generosity is typical and generally afforded to uniformed personnel of the Army and Air Force yet denied to Marines because of the prohibition of wearing cammies in public, off base. The prohibition must include Sailors as well because I never see them wearing their cammies in airports.
    Our uniform regulations being what they are have been in place certainly as long as my Marine Corps career (1977-2008). Whoever reads this and knows me realizes that I am a traditionalist as much as anyone. What chaps’ my backside is seeing the preferential treatment extended to other services personnel because their service allows wearing their work uniform in public yet the Naval service prohibits this practice thus causing our Marines and Sailors to lose the benefits of generosity extended to their peers of other services. You all know the travel uniform of our young Marines—jeans, T-shirt, and MARPAT day pack. They are hard to miss in airports. However, the general public does not notice, nor do they understand who or what they are looking at. A Marine wearing cammies at the airport for travel (in my opinion) would not be such a breakdown in our customs, courtesies and traditions. A change in this uniform policy “status quo” would give the Marines an opportunity to enjoy the same generosity from the airlines and general public as servicemen and women of the other, most numerous, services.
    I am offering this suggestion in response to my old buddy, LTGEN Mike Dana. I thought the video was really cool so I shared it on my face book page. However, this issue that I present here is a serious one to me. I want our Marines to be able to enjoy the same advantages and perks offered to others but not to us. That seems only fair. Please consider this suggestion with the sincerity in which it is offered.

    Tom Duhs, Colonel of Marines (Ret.)
    I no longer have a CAC card so this is coming on my son's site (Capt. Thomas Matthew Duhs)

  • Thrasher Dawg says:

    enlisting 2018,psyched to hear the commandant wants to hear our voices.The battlefield of has changed,technology has advanced and will continue to advance,space age is drawing near,weapons are evolving,and most important.this generation will pave the way for the future.
    Hopefully those few have the courage to express their voice.

  • usmcportes says:

    How about a super secret squirrel marsoc mission to remove all these communists from my freakindaggum government, sir? How about an article 999 of the UCMJ banning civilian use of "treacherous speech" that seeks to harm an individuals' basic rights? That'd be cool

  • GamingElke says:

    I am not a marine but I can still do this

  • JustaMarine33 says:

    What the hell did I just watch?! When did my beloved Corps turn into a dog'on frigg'n comedy club? I understand the Commandant and the Sergeant Major MC, wants to make the Corps better and more modern, but I can't take this vid serious. Man ole Man, is the Corps changing.

  • BerserkPk says:

    That was great! lol.

  • Michael Irwin says:

    Was cringing at how gay this was until he suggested finding a way to carry less weight

  • bman4099 says:

    No matter your rank of it has the word lieutenant in it you are destined to get lost during land nav

  • aavmarine1833 says:

    Heres an idea. Bring back the EFV sir.

  • Tomas Villegas says:

    Typical brass, never counting all pull-ups, hahaha!

  • FA-AJN says:

    Bullpup weapons from Desert Tech

  • ivanhoe4mag says:

    stop invading the foreing countrys .. and arrest the …. fuckin real terrorists …. ups :)) … 😐

  • zGhostBlood__ says:

    well the us marines are the best in the world i think TOUGHT tranning is required if marines isnot tought war would not have won so i think the tranning MUST go on but instead WORK on TECHNOLOGY!!!!!

  • zGhostBlood__ says:

    i got a page problem

  • PauliverTwist says:

    Innovation Idea #4 – How about you shave that nasty chest hair if you're gonna represent us without your undershirt on. For the record, I admire you not rocking the shirt. I was a fan of it as well but damn, you know the MCO. Chesty pull those fucking hairs devil.

  • PauliverTwist says:

    Innovation Idea #3 – Keep the female Marines the fuck away from the Infantry, when all the studies and statistics have proven damn well that we are a less effective fighting force for it when we integrated them. Enjoy an increase in hazing tryouts and sexual assault paperwork in integrated barracks systems rah?

  • PauliverTwist says:

    Innovation Idea #2 – Reverse the damage Mother's of America has done to our Corps standards and training regimen and restrictions.

  • PauliverTwist says:

    Innovation Idea #1 – Get rid of these stupid fucking videos that make our military look like some pansy asses.

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