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Marine Conducts Dig for Lost WWII Servicemen on Tarawa Island

***THIS IS A HISTORICAL NEWS STORY, NOT A WAR VIDEO. The importance of this video cannot be understated as it educates the public that the United States will not leave our soldiers behind. Marine Conducts Dig for Lost WWII Servicemen on Tarawa Island***

About this video / Community guidelines:
The purpose of this video is educational, documentary and historical in nature. We are sharing this footage STRICTLY for the purposes of news reporting and educating. We are a news channel and strive to show people video footage that has been left out of the main-stream media.

“It’s about the WARRIOR, not the WAR! See a veteran, thank a veteran – you just might save that veterans life!”

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  • Chris Parlow says:

    Mister I got to say your and ass hole ! And a cold basterd .

  • torchyboyz says:

    This sort of useless action makes me laugh. What good does it do those dead men to be dug up just to be taken back to the states. The government does this in order to show the ordinary man in the street that "they care", they weren` t so careful with the lives of these men, where was their caring attitude then? This is just P.R. and the ordinary people lap it up. Dumb clucks

  • dougc426 says:

    Need Volunteers?

  • dougc426 says:

    my best friends dad was a Marine in the south pacific.Iwo-Jima,Bouganville and the 3 wave at Tarawa and lived to tell about it

  • ARYA STARK says:

    what happened to the japanese  who were killed in action ??

  • WAR FIGHTERS says:

    +Dr Gunsmith Yes, it is a real shame that more hasn't been done to find and bring back our MIA's and missing POW's, but it's good to see that JPAC is working on it. They have their hands full, for sure.  As they say in the video, "they are missing for a reason – we don't know where they are", but I have to disagree with his statements immediately after this.  Our government could be doing more to find our war dead.  Why find "some of the fallen" when we have an obligation to find "all of the fallen".  Thanks for the comment – this is an extremely important project and extremely personal to a lot of people.  A big "Thank You" to JPAC for making sure our brothers – the true hero's are not forgotten!  Keep it up – "Until they are home"!

  • Dr Gunsmith (D.Robinson Custom Rifles) says:

    You would think the army would of gone back before it all got disturbed to recover there fallen,as all these years later most will never be found,it's a shame the ones that died for us all remain there.

  • aczjbr says:

    bloody battle between USMC and marines of Hirohito. The island was more fortified the wall of Hitler in Normand. Iwo Jima, Peleleiu, Tiniam, Saipan, Filipinas and  Okinawa. .

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