LIVE: Ethereum Tanks On $300M Wallet Loss, Donna Brazile DESTROYS Hillary!

Ethereum down, but community spirits remain high. Former DNC head Donna Brazile destroys Hillary’s claims in a new tell-all book.

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31 thoughts on “LIVE: Ethereum Tanks On $300M Wallet Loss, Donna Brazile DESTROYS Hillary!”

  1. Looks like some in the Bitcoin community act in the spirit of Edom/house of Esau:
    “On the day that you stood aloof,
    On the day that strangers carried off his wealth,
    And foreigners entered his gate
    And cast lots for Jerusalem–
    You too were as one of them.
    “Do not gloat over your brother’s day,
    The day of his misfortune.
    And do not rejoice over the sons of Judah
    In the day of their destruction;
    Yes, do not boast
    In the day of their distress.
    “Do not enter the gate of My people
    In the day of their disaster.
    Yes, you, do not gloat over their calamity
    In the day of their disaster.
    And do not loot their wealth
    In the day of their disaster.
    “Do not stand at the fork of the road
    To cut down their fugitives;
    And do not imprison their survivors
    In the day of their distress.
    “For the day of the LORD draws near on all the nations.
    As you have done, it will be done to you.
    Your dealings will return on your own head.
    (Obadiah 1:11-15)

  2. BTC is not 21 million, With 4 forks they are up to 80 million now! please DS stop spreading misinfo. BTC has diluted its base

  3. Ahhhh, Davie, when you gonna quit your FAKE bullshit ???
    …psst, you are a geeeeOooo…I know, now you censor my Truth ???…OR you are THAT thuupid…bologna.
    Pencil Neck Geek.

  4. IF you were a true advocate for Goyim…ISREALHELL,Kill Teams America, WOULD HAVE KILLED YOU WAAAY LONG BEFORE NOW YOU LYING PUSSY !

  5. Dude, why do you repeat so much of what you say. Like, not even once, not even once, did I say this. Not even once.

    Fuck, get to the goddamn point.

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  7. The only thing is that DONNA is still TALKING about RUSSIAN HACKS…. so we get a destroyed DNC however we don't get the RUSSIAN NARRIATIVE==she is still talking about RUSSION hacks–and that's a lie.

  8. Funny how Mcafee said that bitcoin will go up to 500,000 because the dollar will be worthless. That would mean that a bitcoin could be used to buy a gallon of gas or junk food dollar menu sandwich. It will be like the 80's when you could go to Mexico and trade 20 dollars for a 100,000 peso bill.

  9. Congratulations on being vindicated. However, you DID work for the Huffington Post, which was a globalist propaganda POS like the Washington compost. LOL! But live and learn. Goid video

  10. The problem with crypto currencies is that there might not be a centralized bank, but there will still be people who own more bitcoins than others. This creates another type of class system. Bill Gates and other rich people have a lot of bitcoins already. So is it really defeating the elitist system if wealthy people are still owning more Bitcoins than everyone else? Rich people have also invested in another crypto currencies too like litecoin, ether, and so on. Many are on record saying that they have. So my question is; if rich people own more bitcoin, litecoin, and so on than you do, don't they still have a say in what goes on?

  11. Murderer bitch Clinton is still running free so does Podesta the molesta. Joe Baden molests children too look up you tube.

  12. The concept/idea of Bitcoin is great in theory. I invested in July….I’m happy so far obviously.

    What scares me though is if there was a EMP, it would end Bitcoin. Along with I guess everything else.

    Will the Fed let their way of doing things be compromised, with no repercussions?!

    I only bought one bit coin and I just left it in my wallet. Let’s hope it will keep going up. I have already written it off in my mind, so if anything bad happens I won’t be disappointed.

    I remember when it first came out watching a documentary about mining…wish I would have bought then.

    I have a few friends who bought early on and lost it with a broken or lost phone etc etc. They didn’t care back then, but must be so upset now.

  13. I just subscribed and will keep you informed of censorship by YT if I notice I am not getting notifications.

    Free Speech with places like Google, Facebook, YT, Twitter etc etc now isn’t that free if you’re on the right!!

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