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Home » tanks » Las Vegas Shooter Shot Bullet Holes Into Aviation Jet Fuel Tanks By The Airport

Las Vegas Shooter Shot Bullet Holes Into Aviation Jet Fuel Tanks By The Airport

Las Vegas Shooter Shot Bullet Holes Into Aviation Jet Fuel Tanks By The Airport

Las Vegas Shooting Mandalay Bay Casino Country Music Concert

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Stephen Paddock Las Vegas Mandalay Bay Gunman Shooter

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Las Vegas Gunman Shooter October 2017

Route 91 Harvest Country Concert Festival Shooting Las Vegas

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  • Tommy Sullivan says:

    I think that would be a better location for a shooter to shoot the tanks and at gate 6 or 7 as the people ran out. How much damage would have been done it these fuel tanks would blow. Would it reach to the area where the people fleeing the shooting?

  • Tommy Sullivan says:

    Who lives in these Oasis Apartments that are to the southeast of the concert area?


    Shit fake

  • Jack Kennedy says:

    That creepy FBI guy forever standing at press conferences behind Sheriff Joseph Lombardo is Las Vegas Special Agent in Charge, AARON ROUSE. He got the job in June 2016, assigned by the infamous James Comey, and came from… wait for it… Counterintelligence 'Clandestine' Operations. Meditate on THAT for a moment….

  • stimulater7 says:

    the explosives found in his car were ment to be prepared and in position by midnight…the tanks were to be a diversion, and also once ignited would signal the start of the attack ….as I understand the gunman broke into the adjoining room 134…and this triggered the security alarm …it all went pear shaped once the security guard got shot

  • Pils Nrimgaard says:

    The real troubling fact is a AR-15 has an effective range of about 300 yard's, give or take a few for windage and elevation considerations. This set of fuel tanks Paddok was supposedly shooting at are over a 1000 yards away. He was firing at the crowd most of the time using a LMG. most likely a M-60 .308 51mm. A 7.62 can have a range that could dent one of these tanks, but from what Ive seen so far, they say that the company that owns them said they had to repair a "breach" in one of them. I would guess they are about 5/8 in thick reinforced steel. maybe they wanted a BIG distraction from the massacre so they thought the tanks would dry up all their emergency resources so he could have a field day on the innocents.


    If he blew up the jet fuel tanks the Mandalay Bay casino would have collapsed!! 😜

  • Scott Rank says:

    There was one shooter stop with nonsense

  • Semper Paratus says:

    Lmfao….. BULLSHIT, you said sources say, what sources? CBS!?!? The same idiots that said he had automatic ammunition lol.

  • Diane Hughes says:

    I'm surprised it took so long for anyone to actually address this. I've always believed that was actually a prime target but I read those tanks weren't full at the time. But they were hit a few times; I'd seen some guy on CNN it think saying that jet fuel wouldn't have ignited by the bullets. I still believe those tanks were a prime target. I'm still a bit confused by what the tannerite in his vehicle was for. And I hope, (but I'm not holding by breath), that the sheriff who said he had an escape plan will elaborate on those plans and what the numbers on the note were. Maybe dates, dollar amounts, something left to hinder the investigation by causing the authorities to focus on decoding them? Who knows. What about the eerily look-alike guy with a gf look-alike several days later in Atlanta in a casino. Could just be a coincidence, who knows

  • seeamerica1 says:

    I question any article that says it's from an "anonymous" person, also question anything that is "leaked".

  • 111Leeloo says:

    I heard witness claim that there were shoot from every direction, and that would mean also the fuel tank.. An other claim shots from above the tanks.. I believe that the lying Hillary protecting FBI, change the tune and said the tanks were shot instead, to protect and justify the light seeing from above the tank..  Obviously all is a cover up..  FBI and TV hasn't realized yet that we know they are liars and fake news.. Nothing they say can be trusted..   According to an expert he said that the shooter at the 32nd floor is the least strategic place to shoot. The #1 place for a shooting would be over the fuel tank,  easy access, most proximity to the event, easy escape and even by plane..  2# Tropicana hotel  I believe was the name, has easy access to roof. #3 The other was from lower lever at the Mandalay.. He was proven right with the Mandalay,  and with the new witness report, he was right on..  There is also a picture of the a guard at the even shooting at people..  No doubt our agencies have become a mafia..


    This guy is a pilot and he doesn't know that you just about can't set off jet fuel with a thermite grenade!?!?! much less shooting at it behind a 1/4"+ steel plate at over 600 meters with a friggin rabbit gun!?! Everything about this whole business stinks to high heaven of a CIA MK-Ultra patsy operation!! All this (shooting at fuel tanks, 20+ rifles in the room etc.) is bullshit "theater" that no one bent on serious destruction would bother with and is just designed to mortify the empty headed and fuel the gun grab.

  • Homa Simpson says:

    He was working for the FBI Paddock was a gun dealer , it was a sale that went wrong ,the FBI were doing a sting on ISIS members in the US , Paddocks real identy was found out , he was shot before the massicare , it has to be kept quiet because this is very embarassing for the FBI , they are implicated in gun sales to ISIS in the US , and now have 3 isis gunmen on the run , out in public.

  • Name Password says:

    Las Vegas Fakers, Fraud Money Takers!

  • George Jenkins says:

    What really happened,

  • Brian Pitts says:

    Right b4 jason aldean and the 1st rain of bullets there was 3 sounded like 3 sniper shots. I think he tried to blow the tanks up with sniper shots all fire the machine guns at the people running. There is a vidoe that says broken window at 3:11. Its was clearly sniper shots. Im thinking it was a set up gone very very very bad.

  • A K says:

    They were shot by the perps not the patsy.

  • ElSmusso says:

    It was a second shooter on the GRASSY KNOLL – here we go again

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