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Japan warns North Korea the time for talking is OVER as tensions soar with US & MORE NEWS!

What you will hear in this broadcast:

– Japan warns North Korea the time for talking is OVER as tensions soar with US
-US aircraft carrier group to be dispatched to Korean Peninsula amid rising tensions
-US flies stealth fighters and bombers over Korean peninsula
-U.S. Ambassador Haley: U.N. has exhausted options on North Korea
-North Korea boasts it’s now a ‘world military giant’ and warns America of ‘horrible nuclear strike’ which will bring its ‘final ruin’
-Russia and China deploy warships to North Korea’s doorstep as Kim nuclear crisis worsens
-War With North Korea Starts to Look Inevitable
-USA has military plans ready to combat North Korea, US Defence Secretary warns
-Is North Korea Building Their First Nuclear Submarine?
-Russia cannot allow military conflict with N. Korea near its borders


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  • sunshine40ish says:

    World War 3 began on the river Euphrates exactly like the Bible said it would when we invaded Iraq.

  • Moyo Mongoose says:

    I have a feeling it would play out something like the following if this happened during either the Obama, Carter or Clinton eras…
    North Korea nukes Anchorage, Alaska.
    U.S. puts sanctions against North Korea, and the president verbally condemns North Korea's actions.
    North Korea nukes Los Angles.
    U.S. puts more sanctions against North Korea.
    North Korea nukes Chicago.
    U.S. puts even more sanctions against North Korea
    And so on and so on and so on…

  • Louiese Gonzales says:

    Will WW3 even start if they nuke NK? If the damage in NK leaves them unable to strike back that will be it boom done. I mean they've got no allies that'll retaliate for them.

  • shadow-abuse roberto petalo says:

    wher are the shelters in Europe Germany or paris ??????????????????

  • The Infamous Vicious Phenom 74 says:

    WW3 will be in full effect by 2018… it's inevitable! Welcome to Armageddon!

  • Travis Mills says:

    As always great reporting Dina

  • Rob Russ says:

    I like your show and everything because you keep informed but do you cover other topics. Btw keep up the good work

  • 123 12 says:

    A print of nuclear strikes probably only weeks away. It will happen when the US Navey medical ships leave the United States towards the Asia.

  • Jean Gene says:

    Pray that GOD gives the Word that North Korean Missiles will fail at launching, or break up over their own country. No war. Love thy neighbor. Have Faith. Pray and Fast. Blessed are those who Mourn.

  • Jean Gene says:

    though it's Prime Minister Abe (Aw-beh)

  • chihuahua8209 says:

    25% of the population its about to die ones ww3 starts,,

  • Glenn7780 says:

    Hi Dina..good day to you.. God bless you Darlin'..🌷

  • manny Acosta says:

    It's a money gane more fear more arms s korea and Japan will buy from us

  • jeffrey looker says:

    I Don't think japan is going to play N.Korea games I think they'll start the fight then the U.S. will join in as if to save are allies so we don't look as we started the war good plan I'd say

  • James Eads says:

    I wonder when the false flag happens to start WW3 I wouldn't put it passed our government to do a false flag

  • Charles Boswell says:

    I got my bug out bag, and my fall out shelter under ground, just preparing for what's about to come God be with us in this difficult conflict that we are about to have

  • James Smith says:

    More talking. Same old

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