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Japan prepares to run without nuclear power.

Japan prepares to run without nuclear power, as CNN’s Kyung Lah reports.

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  • cookiesofamerica says:

    Well hopefully in the future, we don't require it to be near by a city soon 🙂 and we won't have some much risks.

  • cookiesofamerica says:

    I don't think Japan have a nuclear power plant in the first place because it's a greater risk to build one there in the first place. The place they should be putting nuclear plants is somewhere there are plateau or plains risks of these power plants releasing radiation would be uncommon and they can be built underground and operated by machine. If the nuclear power plant causes problems and have a shut down and wouldn't affect the soil. Or the animals living up in the plains.

  • hcandoit says:


    米国のメディアでは、アフガニスタン・ルールがあるそうですね。  他国のことでもいいので、原発について もっと報道してほしいですね~。

  • noelredcat says:

    Many demonstration is performed. However, the TV station in Japan doesn't report it.

  • KaosReigns says:


  • KaosReigns says:

    I didn't say it was.

  • OfficeThug says:

    Solar and wind kill more people than nuclear per watt. Your banshee screams mean nothing to me.

  • OfficeThug says:

    I'm pro-nuclear. I'm all about thinking beyond the tiny details you people call "important". Those pressurized water reactors? Scrap them, replace them with modular factory-assembled molten-salt cooled systems that run on thorium-232 or uranium-238 instead of the extremely rare uranium-235. Use the excess thermal energy to crack water, use the hydrogen to make synthetic fuels and fertilizers.

    All you people think about is cursing humanity for its failures. I'm all about solving the problems.

  • KaosReigns says:

    OfficeThug is the only one crying out against green energy. "Yes fossil fuels forever!" Never thinking outside the proverbial box. Danger, danger. Just b/c people want to see the human race live more in harmony with nature doesn't mean we support carbon taxes like the ptb want. Our government is as corrupt as our dependence on fossil fuels. Both are archaic and need to be put down.

  • KaosReigns says:

    "Retarded green energy"?….. sun, wind, wave and geothermal are "intermittent"?? "less reliable" ? Expensive??? As expensive as ALL the lives lost by obtaining them? Wars, natural accidents and manmade? MORE EXPENSIVE than lives lost??? Your arguments are lame. Try again.

  • OfficeThug says:

    Wind is the least consistent source of energy out there. It's use actually causes more pollution than it prevents right now, given that wind turbines are always supplemented by open-cycle gas turbines capable of throttling their energy production up and down fast enough to cover wind's unreliability. These types of turbines are extremely inefficient and emit a lot of CO2.

    If you used close-cycle gas plants instead of wind turbines and their turbines you'd ironically cause less pollution.

  • redschool says:

    I think wind energy will provide a consistent base-load electricity, along with hydroelectric can provide this base-load needed. Of course you can't provide completely upon renewables under our current living conditions. But we can drastically decrease fossil fuels by using renewables during peek energy hours of the day.

    There is a push to not use nuclear, being on a fault line. They country might suffer economically having to import more coal, more fossil fuels.

  • OfficeThug says:

    That 30% is BASELOAD electricity, as in, electricity supplied 24/7. This is something renewables short of hydroelectric dams will physically never accomplish.

    You cannot replace nuclear with renewables. I repeat. YOU CANNOT REPLACE NUCLEAR OR ANY OTHER BASELOAD SOURCE WITH RENEWABLES. Stop supporting this bullshit idea or renewables replacing nuclear. It will never happen. You are polluting the environment by forcing nuclear to shut down and paving the road for more coal and gas plants instead.

  • OfficeThug says:

    Geothermal is available everywhere, but economic everywhere? No.

    Japan has already set itself up to be dependent on natural gas imports. This is because fossil fuels are economically sound, you see, whereas your retarded green energy sources are intermittent, far less reliable (even less than nat gas, that's saying something), and incredibly expensive. Oh and their environmental footprint is quite large too when scaled up.

  • freedom reign says:

    states should do the same and fuck off

  • Nairuulagch says:

    One step ahead and giant leap into safer life.

  • 131kimber says:

    Hey Japan – humanity says Thank You. The rest of us need to follow the example. See a video by TED Talks where a technology is Now being created that puts "solar" energy on a thin peice of plastic that can be hung anywhere even the sides of skyscrapers. Only uses the energy needed and returns any back to the environment if not used or can be redirected to another for their use. Japan has the minds to lead the way. Go Japan.

  • KaosReigns says:

    Plenty of GEOTHERMAL to use for power too (especially in Japan). THERE IS NO NEED FOR NUCLEAR POWER PLANTS ANYWHERE, you WORLD full of greedy morons.

  • redschool says:

    They need to go renewable energy, solar, wind, wave driven turbines. Plus everyone needs to cut back on energy consumption. Loosing 30% of their current energy isn't going to be easy to replace in the long term.

  • Mavaddat Javid says:

    Batteries are energy sources like suitcases are clothing sources.

  • 8888stealth says:

    Highly magnetic lithium batteries anyone?

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