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ISIS / CIA Terrorist Given FIM-92 Stinger Man-Portable Air-Defense System’s Killing 2 Russians

ISIS / CIA Terrorist Given FIM-92 Stinger is a Man-Portable Air-Defense System’s (MANPADS) Shoots Down Russian Mi-24 Helicoper in Syria during a Battle with ISIS Al Qeada CIA Terrorist Killing Crew Two Russian Trainers Murdered in this Event. Palmyra Syria
Russian Mi 24 Hind Helicopter Shot Down by U.S. Funded ISIS Terror in Syria.
MOSCOW, July 9. /TASS/. Russian pilots of a Mi-25 helicopter were killed in Syria, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Saturday.
“On July 8, 2016 Russian training military pilots Ryafagat Khabibulin and Yevgeny Dolgin were making a test flight of a Syrian Mi-25 helicopter with ammunition in the Homs region (Syria),” the defense ministry said. “At the time, a large detachment of ISIS gunmen mounted an offensive against Syrian troops to the east of Palmyra and breaking through the defenses, made a rapid dash into the area, threatening to capture the heights.”
Syrian reserve units that could be redeployed to the area to curb the terrorists’ advance were not available then, the ministry said.
“The crew received a request from the Syrian grouping’s command to deliver air strikes at the advancing combatants,” it said. “Crew commander Ryafagat Khabibulin made a decision to attack the terrorists. Owing to the Russian pilots’ correct actions, the terrorists’ attack was thwarted.”
“After having run out of ammunition, the turning around helicopter was hit by militants’ gunfire from the ground and crashed in the area controlled by the Syrian governmental army. The crew died,” the defense ministry said.
The Russian military pilots were nominated for top state awards.

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  • taha hormozan says:

    You can't be sure this was stinger it could be Russian made igla which they captured many of them from Syrian army it is not very hard for Russian to install countermeasures for their own made rockets on their helicopters

  • ZIG ZAG says:

    WHO ? is ISIS ? its the Corporations Private Army of POLICE / Judges / TAX Collectors / BANKs / the Armed Forces and Its Industrial Complex of PROFITs = ((( JUST – U.S. PIG's )))

  • xBLiTZxKRiEGx says:

    is this implying that we gave them the weapons? they were stolen or bought on the black market. ISIS captured entire army bases in Iraq, they have stolen plenty of our toys.

  • dave williammee says:

    this is the height of stupidity….  Obama and crew can't leave soon enough but when he does, he's gonna leave America Broke Busted Bankrupt and without hope and change.

  • V De says:

    the s-400 will be shooting down some jewmurican planes now and say it was an accident – eye for an eye you devil worshipers

  • seeker says:

    Putin will grind America's ISIS into dust. every shit hawk from hillary on will feel his justice

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