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Is the Iran nuclear deal in jeopardy?

Former CIA analyst Fried Fleitz sounds off.

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  • Anobel Khoushabeh says:

    War hawks want war again. If US touches Iran WW3 is in full gear.

  • RespiFacile Nasal Dilator says:


  • RespiFacile Nasal Dilator says:

    Tax cut and start big new war, they can't even replace obamacare and can't vote tax cut, but israel's bitches in Congress vote all wars US pay, israel can build more settlements. Fucked policy. ENOUGH DEBT 20.5 TRILLIONS NO MORE WAR.

  • RespiFacile Nasal Dilator says:

    7 Trillions$ spent Irak+Afghanistan. 10-12 Trillions to spend on Iran war? Iran is 4 times larger. War on credit card again or we pay for this time? Our grand children pay this one too? Iran is 17th largest country, real army 600,000 soldiers, and Russia has military treaty with. Russians contrary to US, respect their treaties.

  • Deplorable Me says:

    F*CK THE CABINET, LET TRUMP BE TRUMP!!! Trump knows what he promised us and knows we are counting on him, not them!

  • George Vangordon jr says:

    Most of the people have no idea what's even in that agreement. I don't have a clue what all is in it. So I don't really see how a poll would do any good…we don't have the information.. nobody told us. I do trust the president and that's all I have to go on. That's all anybody has to go on trump haters will say all kinds of horrible things along with all the left leaning Europeans. Those that believe trump will support him. That's it we can do nothing else

  • prove me wrong says:

    not one video on Republican tim murphy wow fox lol such fair news

  • Kush Enterprise says:

    Fuck the USA

  • DeepState says:

    Put the deal to bed, you won’t get the Ransom Money back Obama gave to Iran

  • Virgal Anders says:

    the reason its called the iran deal is because iran geta all the benefits its not called the u.s. iran deal, it's not called the European union iran deal or the nato iran deal because no-one else benefits from the deal. we need to redeal they cheated on the first deal we had a muslim president. now we dont.

  • Joseph Parkhurst says:

    Obama has no ground to create this deal to begin with.

  • Bryochemical Intuition says:

    I surely hope so!

  • Four Disastrous Years Coming says:

    Trump is an Incompetent Fool

  • Mr-Miyaagi says:


  • seeker says:

    Leave the deal, please Israel and turn the rest of the world against you. Good idea! We get to watch fortress America and fortress Israel death throws. Even the Saudis know your evil empires are at the end and have scrambled to make peace with the Iranian and Russian . Too bad your Jew overlords are not as smart as a Saudi Prince. The writing is on the wall. choose Peace or face the justice that is coming for jewmurica and the terror master Israel.

  • david alj says:

    please bomb Iran

  • Toronto Man says:

    trump anotjher zionist puppet like bush. bush did 9/11 for israel

  • Repairer of the Breach says:

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  • Francesco says:

    To be fair Iran is doing what was promised in the deal.
    The country that's breaking it is the US.
    Before this treaty Iran was like North Korea, a country that was developing nuclear weapons and now they aren't.
    So there is no logical reason to breake this treaty, especially considering that all other countries thinks it's working so the US will just look like a crazy asshole that gets out for no reason.

    Even this guy (and Trump) kept saying "it's an embarassment" but he never gave a reason.

  • The World Is On Fire says:

    More people to fight with I suppose…
    The world is looking rather World War threeish.

  • The World Is On Fire says:

    More people to fight with I suppose…
    The world is looking rather World War threeish.

  • dante's inferno says:


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