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Iranian Submarines in the Red Sea (Dispatch)

Stratfor analyst Reva Bhalla examines the strategic purpose and limitations of Iran’s military posturing in the region.
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  • Carl Smith says:

    The biggest limitation Iran would have sending Submarines to the Red Sea, is the Red Sea is narrow and shallow. It's no coincidence we see this Submarine transiting on the surface with an escort. In lots of places the Red Sea is too shallow to submerge, and the areas where you can operate submerged are small and well known. In other words you can be found and sunk.

    You really don't want to be stuck in the Red Sea if you are a Submarine. It would be like being a fish out of water.

  • Arzhang Emamifar says:

    such poor video,
    Who Calls this chick "ANALYST"????

  • live in peace says:

    zionist media¡¡¡ they only say lies¡¡¡

  • Chris L says:

    the lie channel run by zionists.

  • Arman Lagunday says:

    Iran is constantly threatening into a tiny small Israel who responded by a defensive move but always blame by the UN and Media, what kind of support did you extend in Israel to make it safe, even UN withdraw there peace keeping force upon order by the Arab country and let the enemy enter into war then call a cease fire when the enemy is overrun blaming Israel as land grabber, where in truth they are the rightful owner of all that land as promise by the living God.

  • Panepalarama Euripides says:

    Except for The Rothschilds putting a Muslim in as American president.

  • video6702 says:

    USA paid 2 trillion dollars for the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, but neither of the two countries do business with US, they do business with China, if  countries want to be with Iran, they want to be with Iran, So Yankee or the United States will not force countries or people to be their slaves, you are a propaganda canal to give the wrong information, and work for the United States and Jew matters

  • R Leslie says:

    I am making prayers that antique little submarine not fuck with American warship.

  • Reza Babakan says:

    to control oil suplies and being present in the region they needed such notorious regiume. to they created it.

  • ThatDutchguy says:

    Well,a Russian kilo class is a big deal and the Yanks know it!Not going to lie,…i'm not exactly happy with Iran or any other middle eastern nation(yes that includes Israel)having these kinds of weapon platforms,..very unhappy indeed!

  • Adrish Hussain says:

    Happy for a nation and its people to forge its own destiny without geopolitical interference.

    30 years of threats and sanctions and that's it. The nation of Iran remains stronger today than ever before. May it long continue!

  • sam mas says:

    Most sons of bitches have no clue, there are others who are just arrogant and stupid, well fuck off cause what is good and acceptable on your side of the power is definitely good for Iranians… Plus the stupid slut is an a~rab bitch who is part or full zio-Jew.

  • harris3693 says:

    Why did they hire some Indian to do Middle Eastern Affairs news? she should go and drink her cow piss instead…

  • ROBERT DOYLE says:

    THIS IS SOOOOOOOO OUT OF DATE….She quotes the former  Eye=rainan Pres.

  • nasty nick says:

    ohww scary iranian kilo class sub, full of 1980's tech, diesel electric,.that should show up on the rader like the blackpool illuminations.

  • iranian soldier says:

    us 28 nato countries   24 of 25 arab countries   turkey  azerbaijan  al try to counter iran :))  its like iran vs 50 countries and iran is winning

  • rzadan says:

    Iran bought 5 outdated , gasoline submarines from Russia for more than 10 years ago.
    These submarines were already outdated by Soviet Union in 1980.
    They make a lot of noise and can be spotted with outdated Doppler systems. War ships and carriers have a much more sophisticated dopplers which can identify these submarines hundreds of miles away .
    Russia made a lot of money by selling them to a stupid buyer. Besides , Russia did not have to spend millions of dollars for scrapping them.
    If Iranian navy thinks to have become powerful with these submarines , then they should get their head examines.

  • David A says:

    This Submarin is an old Russian Junk and once you let it sink it will  never make it to the surface again! Iran and its Leadership are Fraud.

  • PMeursault says:

    1:28 Sodomite Militiamen?

  • Juan Olivier says:

    Iran is one of the most peaceful nations on this planet. 

  • Delphi M says:

    Reva, you are such a nice pussy baby !!  🙂

  • josef espinosam says:

    The U.S. is a terrorist.

  • DeWayne Benson says:

    Iran today with support of Russia and China, now may safeguard itself and neighbor's from US/Zionist-Gov threats. The Zionist State today has six (6) nuclear launching capable submarines, and a vast Nuclear Weapon arsenal with which they often 'saber rattle' in threatening Iran. Both the Zionist and US-Gov's have filled the area with military vessels, it looks like Iran is calling their bluff… if it is a bluff from past Syria reports.

  • Midsummermoons says:

    beautiful eyes 🙂

  • redalakhdari1 says:

    good iran

  • bstbody says:

    Islamic Republic of Iran , you invaded no one , occupy no country

    We all love you and support you

    People of the world

  • Eijas Jamil says:

    She hot as fuck

  • nizam azhar says:

    fuck zionist..

  • sa8ra6 says:

    Persians are pussies , Iran is our dog ,and we will take care of them !! filthy persians

  • USNStalion says:

    F-14's not F-15's…

  • TheManfromNibiru says:

    there calling another Hit !

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