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Iranian armed forces stage massive exercise in southern Iran

Iranian armed forces have launched a major drill in the country’s south.

The joint maneuvers by the Army’s Ground, Naval and Air forces cover an area from the east of the Strait of Hormuz to the southern parts of the Gulf of Aden. The drill is the largest of its kind in the region. It deploys different types of military hardware and weapons both in waters and on the ground. Various units of ground forces have also been stationed along Iran’s southeastern borders to assess commanding posts and engineering structures there.

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  • Anthony Spencer says:

    I get it, you want to show off, you want to instill confidence in your people that the have a strong defense. But guys on a jet ski with an RPG or speed boats with rockets is not a Navy.

    BTW, the speaker got his wish and the US pulled out of Iraq, how is that working out for peace and stability in the region?  

  • Eric Zimerman says:

    PressTV is an utterly blatant bullshit propaganda machine. Have you seen the comments on their site articles? Are these idiots that stupid to think people believe they were written by actual readers? PressTV is almost comedic in their attempts to deliver actual news

  • Ron Vette says:

    Call that an…army? I call that a bunch of clueless amateurs.

  • mahmut kara says:

    ıran army


  • FernandoJavierReyes says:

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  • xpljnjh Knjod says:

    shia kuffar do Astaghfirullah ,accept islam or get ready for allah(swt) punishment

  • bahram atashkar says:

    The army is for protect the mollas, not Iran.
    تا زمانی که مردم ایران به اسلام اعتقاد د ارند، این مللا ها مانند زالو در ایران خواهند ماند۰
    اسلام = کثافت،     مللا = مگس،  هر جا که کثافت باشه مگس هم وجود دارد۰
    مردم ایران برای نجات از دست مللاها باید۰
     قران ها را اتش بزنند۰
    مسجدها را اتش بزنند۰
    هرخانواده ای یک مللا را بکشد۰
    این مللا های زالو تمام شما ها را به نام  الله خونخوار اعدام خواهند کرد۰
    مرگ بر جمهوری نفرت، مرگ بر  جمهوری اعدام۰
    مرگ بر قران شیطانی با ایات وحشت، مرگ بر اسلام دین نجس ، دین اعدام ، مرگ بر الله خونخوار۰

  • Bahram Zareie says:

    all the  young kids whether Shia or Sunni these type of hateful remarks only helps enemies of Islam.  As for Iran it is building roads, railroads, hydraulic dams, power stations manufacturing plants  in Sunni Tajikistan, Sunni  Afghanistan, Sunni Uzbekistan, Sunni Turkmenistan, Sunni Kazakhstan, Providing Cheap natural Gas to Sunni Pakistan,  Building dams and roads and hydraulic power stations in Lebanon, Syria, Sudan, Ethiopia,  Kenya, Tunisia,  Algeria, Zimbabwe  and Syria,   In his trip to Egypt Ahmadinejad offered $100 line of credit for Egypt to rebuild itself. Iran has  offered to transfer its Technology to All the Muslim countries.  And it has been actively pushing for Islamic Unity.

    Are there issues against the Sunni Shia unity off course they are. But we live in the time of science and logic  and rational and  ensha'allah through using dialog we will  solve these issues and enemies of Islam would be the one at lost at the end. 
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  • M Besh says:

    Hey Salim.  You sound like an Arab. I am not surprised.

  • Sislertx says:

    More like photo ops.

  • Abu Waheeb says:

    Iranian coward army hide behind US troops and US airforce to fight the sunni ISIS. 

  • Out of Time says:

    Full support to Iran

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