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Iran nuclear deal may be in jeopardy

Former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Amb. Lincoln Bloomfield on whether Iran will threaten to restart its nuclear program if U.S. imposes sanctions.

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  • Limo Sheereen says:

    hello I am Iranian and feel good about my country and my government. please US don't do us any favors. please go fuck yourself

  • Shervin Prince says:

    Fox News belongs to Zionist ………… """"Zionist controlling both side medias in US (left & right)"""" ………… It's obvious that Zionist doesn't like Iran deal………… These Zionists push president trump to tear this deal besides they push president Trump for the recent white movement by CNN & MSNBC and accusing Mr.Trump as a racist that it's not true………… Who cares what Fox News or CNN wanna say………. The president trump news is more reliable

  • Aubrey Bazilio says:

    Why do they lie so much? Is it because they don't know the truth or they're just wicked, which is it? They keep repeating the lie that after the sanctions were lifted Obama gave Iran a whole lot of money (plane loads after plane loads) when in fact Obama just returned some of Iran's money that they had seized during the sanctions. They haven't given Iran one cent that does not rightfully belong to Iran, and they are still holding billions of dollars of Iranian money that they are refusing to give back. But as the elders used to say, "a thief is a lier and a murderer".

  • Joseph Mosesean says:


  • Reality says:

    Glory to the Great Socialist Leader Kim Jong Un!

  • mohali shaf says:

    🌿🌷*•..Humans🍃*• are born out of love💗*•.. but Zionist white supremacist are born out of hatred.. the problems when you are inspired by the evils of global greed, dominance and arrogance.. without the true faith or true substance within your own heart💕*• and soul.. wake up smell the roses🌹*•.. not the deep state bullshits from the deep sewers of human faeces.. come to peace☘*• and loving♡*• kindness.. come to the true faith☾☆*• in the Almighty God.. Ameen..

  • MOLON LAVE says:

    NEVER TRUST A MUSLIM ! Especially when he has nuclear weapons ! North Korea is no real threat.

  • Hamid Fotouhi says:

    Fuck you and your PRESIDENT TRUMP…

  • Mike Melina says:

    I've commenting for several years now that you can't address Iran and North Korea separately. Whatever NOKO has, Iran has and vice versa. They work in cooperation and Iranian engineers and scientists are in NOKO working on the reentry nosecones for ICBMs. Obama's "deal" was the last piece of the puzzle that Iran needed. Tens of Billions of dollars and a free reign to develop ICBM technology, in exchange for a temporary delay in a nuclear weapons program we can't even inspect. That's a Bad deal.  Meanwhile, they're testing their designs in cooperation with NOKO.

  • Sanaz_Tehrani says:

    The United States screwed up the deal by putting sanctions on Iran, which ironically has only made Iran more self-sufficient and stronger, unlike the Arab puppet regimes who rely on America for everything. As an agnostic, leaning towards atheist, Iranian who is highly critical of Islam and Islamic leaders and laws in Iran, I will go ahead and state the obvious for you, the United States is at fault here and has been at fault for over 60 years! This whole radical Islam bullshit is just an excuse. If they cared, they wouldn't be buddies with the mother of all terrorism, Saudi Arabia! Iran has not attacked a single country for over 200 years, while the U.S government is directly and indirectly responsible for most of the biggest atrocities in the world since world war 2 and they keep losing every war, if you think it's gonna be easy against Iran then think again! Iranian people are far more united than the people of Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, or pretty much any country in the Middle East. Even most Iranian Kurds, unlike the ones in Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, associate closely to being Iranian and mix heavily with other Iranians (I am Kurdish on one side). We are Iranian first before we are Shi'a, Sunni, Christian, Baha'i, Zoroastrian, Jewish, or atheist, before we are Kurdish, Azeri, Persian, Balouch, Turkmen, Assyrian, Armenian, Lur, etc. etc., we are IRANIAN first! As I said before, I despise Islamic laws, and hope the government slowly eases up on them, but I will support the government of Iran if it comes down to having to fight a war against the enemies that wish to annihilate us!

  • Philip Fox says:

    Oh damn. A horrible deal may fall apart. What will we do. What WILL we do…

  • Mary Hernandez says:

    You can't make a deal with the devil and expect him to stick with it. Iran is very demonically controlled. The Bible says that satan is like a lion seeking whom he may devour.

  • RespiFacile Nasal Dilator says:

    Principles?? Which one…? 😉

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