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Injured marine gets hero’s welcome

A local marine who was severely injured in Afghanistan received a hero’s welcome Tuesday in Fond du Lac. Click on the headline for Lindsay Veremis’ full report.

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  • John Menyhard says:

    How could anyone hate this

  • Chris Savage says:

    Umm . . . . Major problem!!!! He is a Marine!!!

  • Loki Laevatein says:

    Let's see, he's wearing a Marine uniform and he's a Lance Corporal, a rank unique to the Marine Corps. Yep, he must definitely be apart of the Army.

  • Arnel Cap says:

    This news started out with one mistake after another. First, it is HOMECOMING and not homcoming. Secondly, you address a Marine with a capital M and not marine. Lastly, he is a Lance Corporal so that makes him a Marine and not member of the US Army. Geez… and people get news from this network? Get your homework before air time people.

  • Omar Massey says:

    many people do not know the different references for each branch. As service members, we are taught that the Army refers to their personnel as soldiers, Navy as sailors, Air Force as airmen, and Marines as marines. 

  • janzegersm says:

    Thank you MARINE for your service. God bless….Much love

  • MrMaacin05 says:

    are you fucking kidding me? not one fucking person realized hes a Marine? ignorant and disrespectful as fuck

  • bigbadbruins1 says:


  • CG Splack says:

    US Army and wearing Dress Blues, get it together people

  • Edwin Leal says:

    say: US Army and have the uniform of marines….

  • SCSultan88 says:

    Soldier here. If you are trying to show respect to a warrior of this nation, the least you could do is present the warrior properly. The term soldier is only interchangeable when presenting the military as a whole. In this instance, fox is referring to an INDIVIDUAL so this man should be referred to as a Marine and not a soldier. How on earth could you place U.S. Army under his name when he is clearly wearing the Marine uniform? This only shows carelessness. We are all family, but no one likes to be called their brothers name.

  • Felix V says:

    Welcome home Devil Dog! USMC 82-88. We will be celebrating our 30th Beirut BLT explosion to honor those who died on Oct 23rd 1983. Semper Fi brother!

  • Jeremy says:

    holy shit..didnt notice it till you pointed it out…kidding me fox?

  • Mikey Renwick says:

    did nobody else notice the time on the bottom right was 9:11

  • violet2048 says:

    Welcome Home Marine. You look great!!!!!

  • TheL361t says:

    Way to fail Fox, can't even match the dress blues with Marines?

  • Yinzteam64 says:

    what's wrong with fox
    says lance corporal and shows picture in dress blues but says he's army

  • My videos says:

    *ravages upon the men and women…

  • My videos says:

    I do not agree with the war, the ravaged men and women who are fighting it and those who authorized it- but I do respect it. My thanks go to ALL of them for serving this country, including ALL my great grandfathers, ALL my grandfathers, BOTH father and biological father, 4 of my Uncles, 6 of my cousins, my ex-husband, my son and countless numbers of his friends. No joke.

  • My videos says:

    geez- you can't spell either…. well if I came across as self righteous- I am FREE to be… I am proud of my son- Ignorance is not understanding the concept of respect- Insulting is the bonehead who stated that he hoped my son comes home in a pine box!!!!!!- Worthless- the time I actually wasted responding to this… but speaking my mind…. PRICELESS

  • glacier1978 says:

    his comment is just uninformed. you're comment on the other hand is self righteous, ignorant, insulting and worthless.

  • Iamthenate says:

    He's Eminem's little brother.

  • GOXT805 says:


  • TheSQUIL says:

    Well sorry for making a bad guess then, miss Melissa. I don't live in the US, nor do i even live in America, I live in Sweden. And that is also a reason that i can't spell properbly since english is not my native language, it's just my second of everyother six languages i speak. That is also a reason why i didn't know they meant the same, I just thaught it was like that. I appreciate that your son serves to protect others aswell as your whole country. You must be proud to have a hero as a son.

  • My videos says:

    I will- he is dedicated to a life of service- it's just in our blood….2nd lt in the Army, Foreman in a volunteer fire department and abut to become and EMT!!!! I am beyond proud

  • My videos says:

    Thanks… My son is MY hero…

  • My videos says:

    You most definately DID make a bad guess…. you live in the USA & clearly take the freedom & protection these courageous members of the Armed Services forgranted…. open a book, read a paper, educate yourself (and learn to SPELL) before you make ignorant (might have to look that one up) comments insult people like my son who puts his life on the line as a 2nd Lt. in the Army, a foreman in a VOLUNTEER fire department and is about too become an EMT… his life is committed too SERVICE!!!!!!!!!!

  • My videos says:

    Yes, I will correct you….. while Military IS Military- There IS a HUGE difference between the various branches, just as there is a difference in the ranks. Never-the-less- these are brave men & women who fight , serve and protect the USA & everyone in it… undeserving morons included…. I appreciate the FACT that my son uses his BA in Sociolgy to be a better 2nd Lt in the Armed Forces and a Foreman in a volunteer fire department and is about to become and EMT.

  • Zackmacpac says:

    The people who have top comments clearly don't know the difference between Marines dress uniform and Army dress uniform. It's clearly a Marine featured in the video, not to mention the people in the corridor before the gym floor are all dressed in Marine uniforms, with the Marine flag.

  • Andrew Gamez says:

    I think it's Fox in general.

  • Jacob says:

    Also showed picture of him in dress blues,

  • Ray Brown says:

    how the hell do you get U.S. Marines mixed up with the army? do your research for who's uniform belongs to who and why would you say Marine but put army you dumb fucks

  • leighahmke says:

    Oh Lord, way to mess up his branch of service!! Anyway- Welcome home soldier, Wisconsin loves you!

  • daufas says:

    This is the reflection of an American service person, Oohrah Marine Semper Fi

  • mcm83 says:

    Fuuck its Eminem!

  • TheSQUIL says:

    Nah im not trying to start anything at all, I just thaught it was the same… well i made a bad guess then ^^

  • ShipleyTV66 says:

    We are all soldiers but those terms are not interchangeable. They all mean the same to someone who hasn't served. Walk up to a Marine and call him an "Army guy" and her will quickly correct you and let you know that he is not in the Army, he is a Marine. Every service man is my brother but there is definitely a distinction between the branches.

  • TheSQUIL says:

    Marine,Soldier,Amy guy, call it what you want, it means the same

  • Henrik334 says:

    Is it just me or does he look kinda like a more happy version of Eminem? O_o

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