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India’s Plan to Purchase Kalibr Mi$$ile From Russia Show ‘Lasting Relations’

This video shows you that India’s Plan to Purchase Kalibr Mi$$ile From Russia Show ‘Lasting Relations’.
India plans on purchasing the Kalibr cruise mi$$les from Russia, according to Izvestia newspaper, quoting a diplomatic source. It is a significant step in boosting Indian-Russian cooperation. Sputnik spoke to President of the Indian Business Alliance Sammy Kotwani.
Recent years have witnessed rapid growth in all aspects of bilateral partnership. In spite of Russia being India’s main trading partner in the military and technical sphere, Moscow and Delhi are also close allies in the spheres of science, culture and ecology.
“All Indian people know that Russia has been our best friend. After Vladimir Putin became the president of Russia, the friendship has been taken to greater heights,” Kotwani said.
He further said that the partnership started in 1990 when Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee came to Russia.
“India is a country with all the human resources and Russia is the most powerful country. When you talk about arms and ammunition, it is the world leader and its support will make all the difference.”
“If this partnership grows the way it is growing, I am sure in the future with the support of Russia, India will be in the second league and we will be there for the peace of the world,” Kotwani said.
The president of the business alliance further spoke about the recent deal that was struck between India and Washington that would allow the US ships to refuel at its bases.
“Today in the world there is not one country that can state what should be done or what shouldn’t be done. We Indians are the most peace loving people, we have never harmed anybody and we won’t allow other countries to do so either,” Kotwani said.

He expressed hope that no matter what other people say, it won’t spoil relations between India and Russia.
“Nothing can spoil Russian-Indian relations, they will last forever,” Kotwani said.
He further spoke about tourism to Russia, saying that according to him the process of visa application to visit Russia is really complicated.
“Today India is the 7th richest country. We Indians are not refugees in Russia. There is a little bit of trouble but every country has a little bit of trouble and I hope this trouble with the border police will also be resolved very soon.”
Kotwani further spoke about how he first visited Russia in 1990 and how “the country was born in front of him.”
He also added that Russia has changed for the better in the last 26 years and according to him it is the best country to be in right now.
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  • Jay Alan says:

    We love russia because they willing to sell weapons to India. Also, Russia is good partner of India in weapon technology.
    However, now the better friend (USA) has asked India to back stab Russia if USA's F-16 to be made in India. Modi has agreed by fulfilling USA's condition i.e. to invade Doklam. So, now the F-16 factory will be in India and now bye bye Russia.

  • Shrav P says:

    Keep Russia as an important ally, they are an all weather friend and will never backstab like USA

  • Joseph Isaac says:

    From the very beginning of Independent India, Russia has been our strategic friend. During the Indo-Pak war of 1971, while there were more than a dozen countries, including US, UK, China to support Pakistan, It was USSR who came to rescue India. As a result of Russian intervention US and UK war ships had fled from the Indian ocean. But the times have changed, after the collapse of USSR, the emerging Russia needs new strategic partners to counter the threat posed by war mongering US and its puppet allies. Since the collapse of USSR also resulted in the scattering of its allies, the emerging new Russia needs new partners in times of crisis. Unfortunately, India though being Russia's biggest defence dealer won't provide any military cooperation during any eventuality arising between its archenemy i.e. U.S. and NATO. It may be a good thing India is a neutral country that seeks friendship with any country rather than enmity, but our friend Russia needs to make their move. They are not in a position to consider what India might think if they make deal with China to counter the threats from their common enemy.
    Guess what? On the wake of new development in Syrian crisis China has offered military assistance to protect Syria and Russian interest in the region. We cannot blame Russia if it embraces China. As regard to Pakistan, they can never earn respect from Russia.

  • Indiancrab says:

    Russia loves India.

  • sneha s says:

    the guy who unliked this video is a harami pakistani poriki gandoo

  • The Mythbuster says:

    IMO Loads of political propaganda and bullshits instead of down to earth news reporting. 😂😂

  • Mr Sharath Gopalan Aiyangar says:

    We can produce our weapon . All weapon made by Russia , America or any other country is based on science and science is equal to all . But who lets us work

  • Krishna Chaitanya says:

    We already use them, Check wikipedia.

  • Rocky Handsome says:

    Hope this will work

  • Abhi B says:

    Liked the Tag "Lasting Relationship". So apt!

  • Kanishk Dhanker says:

    I Think We Already Have These Missiles .

  • Anirban Roy says:

    We love russia

  • Vinutha .skumar says:

    but why russia supports our enemies

  • Tushar Basu says:

    That's real friend.

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