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India’s Nuclear Submarine Damaged In Accident

India’s Nuclear Submarine Damaged In Accident.

India’s nuclear-powered submarine, INS Chakra, has suffered “some damage” in an accident and could require substantial repair work to get it back in shape.

The attack submarine, obtained on a 10-year lease from Russia, has not sailed for a month and is berthed at its home port of Visakhapatnam for repairs.

Sources told ThePrint that the submarine — currently India’s only operational nuclear-powered vessel — suffered damage to its sonar dome in the accident. The sonar dome is located at the forward portion of the submarine, beneath the torpedo tubes.

While details of the incident are yet to emerge, sources said that the damage could be the result of either a collision at sea or accidental scraping while entering the harbour. The Indian Navy refused to comment on the incident.

Repair work on the submarine is likely to be complicated given that the sonar dome is made of titanium, a difficult metal that requires both specialised machinery and manpower to work on. However, the indigenous Arihant nuclear armed submarines are also being made in Visakhapatnam and that could help.

The Visakhapatnam harbour has recorded incidents in the past when warships have touched the bottom while navigating the tight water channel. In January 2014, the INS Airavat — a Shardul class amphibious warship — suffered damage to its port propeller while entering the harbour.

Inducted in April 2012, INS Chakra is a modernised Russian Akula-II class submarine, known as one of the stealthiest in the world after American vessels of similar class. While the submarine is nuclear powered, it does not carry nuclear-tipped missiles on board and is designed to be a silent killer — it lurks underwater to sink enemy ships and take out land-based targets.

The stealthy nature of nuclear-powered boats, along with the increasing traffic at sea, has meant that accidents have become common. At least two such accidents had taken place last year itself. In July 2016, a British nuclear attack submarine, HMS Ambush, collided with a merchant vessel off the coast of Gibraltar suffering external damage. A month later, the USS Louisiana nuclear missile submarine collided with a naval support vessel at sea, suffering damage to its starboard hull.

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  • 卍 Devil ϟϟ Law 卍 says:

    Haye, Randi Mata Bewa ho gaye


    The accident involving Nuclear Submarine is to be taken seriously. It is high time that the depth & width of the Visakhapatnam Port Trust Entrance channel has to be increased so that normal voyage should not pose any damage to the vessels. There are stray incidents of similar accidents were reported. Though the cause of accident was not investigated, the deepening & widening of channel has to be taken up as part of modernisation program

  • 任戰 says:

    Russian made submarine leased to india which cannot possibly build their own. whatever you sold to the indian, they will break it and buy another one..they are the best customer.

  • Shuvojit Mondal says:

    Friends this is a fake news.stupid news ripotar…

  • love birds and animals too says:


  • prem lal says:

    Accident are common in the Indian Navy ,The Indian Navy is useless

  • Lalit Choudhary says:

    it's only operational ….INS Arihant & INS Aridhaman are on see trial ….not operational yet…

  • Partha Dey says:

    m sure this is a human error !

  • Great India and Indian. says:

    India need war with China or other Power.

  • Saptak Mondal says:

    Why it is called India's only Nuclear Submarines? India already launched INS Arihant and will launch INS Arihandam this month.

  • Manoj Bhatt says:

    I need our military,AF and Navy to go to real war this is the only way that they will learn to handle things ,to war with their superior , not with Pakistan

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