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India sent soldiers weapons on entire India china border | India send 2 battalion on Sikkim border

India sent soldiers weapons on entire India china border, India send 2 battalion on Sikkim border, India pumping in more soldiers weapons, India pumping in more soldiers in china border, More Troops Sent Along China Border, India’s military steps up operational readiness on China border, US says if china attack india we help india, China and India each deploy 3000 troops, Today if china will attack on india, US promised India help if China attacked, What India can expect from USA

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  • Rajvir Singh says:

    RSS wala hai koi…
    China ki Army ke saath Ladai shuru hone wali hai
    Saare Desh me se koi bhi RSS wala China ke Border pe nahi pahuncha
    Kisi ko koi RSS wala mile to use kehna ki Desh Bhakti dikhane ka Samay AA Gaya hai…
    Bharat Mata Tumhe Bula Rahi hai …
    Jaldi se Doklam Pahuncho Ladai najdeek hi hai
    Jai Hind

  • Japan says:

    The Chink is hated all over the world.
    The Communist Party of China is the enemy of mankind.

  • Gold Tipu says:

    I am an Indian and i think its better if Indian army leave the Doklam Plateau as its nothing to do with India its Bhutan who should defend his land . INDIA PLEASE BRING OUR ARMY HOME ASAP / SAY NO TO WAR
    is US proxy war and our Army is involved

  • Manoj Bhatt says:

    Do you know Chinese boil eggs in urine collected from toilets , I read this in one of the you tubes. and I dont know the exact reality, filthy Chinese.

  • Dieter Honchied says:

    Good for you India for the greater preparation. You should deploy even more as a deterrence to China's aggression to grab lands on all fronts that they can get away with. Don't yield a single inch, because you give an inch, they'll take a KM and eventually the whole country.

  • hazzpolo says:

    Why you show false pictures on your videos of US news anchors? Be honest..

  • Mingma Sherpa says:

    Without chinks Gorkha soldiers nothing India

  • SH Jeelani says:

    Enough is enough these unscrupulous roguish Chinese should be taught a lesson the US of A should join India and other peace loving countries to put an end to Chinese non stop expansionist policies for ever. S H J


    china is in danger when it wants to extend its teritory by occupaing other contries , vistharnavadham tho china thana chavu thanu konithechukuntondi

  • avijit roy says:


  • Badger State says:

    What is the name of the dance these goofballs are doing??

  • Naresh Yadav says:

    they captured Tibet now butan very cruel China.

  • dhirendra lamba says:

    Not sure why china wants these baby faced chinkies killed.

  • Rajasingam Muthusamy says:

    China hidden agenda will keep india occupied with war.

  • Harshad Jain says:

    Jay Hind

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