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Sub for more: | MANU BALACHANDRAN for Defense One Reports Officials say they’re drafting ideas one year after leaders agreed to expand naval cooperation and ensure freedom of navigation in the SCS.

The already hot waters of the South China Sea seem to be heading for boiling point.

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  • hanief karim says:

    Oh what a stupid move by India

  • ToiYeuYAHWEH says:

    Evil china must be broken up into 1,000 smaller countries for the sake of all mankind. Amen.

  • Gaurav Kohli says:

    Never Mess with India. We have Vimanas, Brahamastras. We will show you chinkus

  • Ana Distor-Mcgroarty says:

    If your philisophy is that since it's called South China see it's yours, then India should vclaim all Indian Continent and the Philippines should claim and own the Philippine sea and all thats's facong it. Respect other peoples territory, or there will be war and you will be alone.

  • Henry Completo says:

    Chinese are cavemen. I thought they were a cultured people. They use the Lunar calendar, they probably lay a claim on it too, soon! 🙁

  • Keith Sho'Roc Brown says:

    Hey everyone, I find it rather interesting that US was the first to come up with the atomic bomb right? They were also the first to used it in Japan during WWII correct? Now there are people around the world that view America as the evil empire correct? Now my final question is since America was the first to use the atomic bomb during WWII and they are so evil as some will say, why didnt they used it against Russia under Stalin rule during WWII and why didnt they used it against any other countries in the world that was a threat to them if they are so evil. Instead they only used it on Japan to get them to surrender and of course I think that was AWFUL! So in my humble opinion if the US was purely evil then they would dropped it on China, Russia, and many more but the answer base on history they DIDNT!

  • Sujoy Dhar says:

    we are coming south china sea… gonna hv a blast!!!

  • Q Nawi says:

    LOLS good luck to the Indian navy, hope they can keep their boats afloat because they can't seem to keep their planes in the air 😀

  • Lucky Yiw says:

    A few days ago The US aircraft carrier strike entered South China sea to show of force.
    They were surrounded by China navy and had to leave as were told no choice cos their avionics and electronics
    were fully jammed by China navy. Everything went blank. They were amazed how fast and advance China has become
    and very thankful that China navy had not been more hostile. China has either acquired the Khibiny EW system from Russia
    or has lately mastered the similar advance jamming technology which China has been trying for many years.

  • Anthony M says:

    LOL, they were a lot of stupid fuckers thinking that India was going to join China and Russia against the US. India has no reason to war against the US…India and US have lots of mutual respect. Not even Russia is going to join the dirty chinese on a war over some ridiculous claims in the SCS. Fuck the Chinese, no body likes you for bullying your neighbors and eating every living thing on the face of the earth to extinction.

  • INSSAF H says:

    All China Towns in Indonesia, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, The Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, India, Africa, America, Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand will be removed completely!

  • James Porter says:

    The South China Seas belongs to the USA. It was the US who defeated imperial Japan of WWII and free South china seas and all of Asia. It was certainly NOT china that removed japan from south china sea. Not by a long shot! Do you want me to bring out Nanjing 300,000 pictures for you ccp supporters?  I can !  Therefore, the US has full rights to claim the South China seas.
    If china wanted to build anything there, china needs to ask for permission and use polite words like please and thank you.
    But, china is acting very Cocky, disrespectful to all nations there, acting like a complete savage. China is looking for a bar fight.
    It is time for all Asian nations and the US to form a Asian NATO and it should also include India and Austerlia, japan, S korea, independent country of Taiwan, Phillippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, ASEAN nations to counter savage china.
    I am also asking everyone who is reading this post to boycott made in china products. I always go to garage sales, and go out of my way to recycle and not buy anything from cocky china.

  • Calvin Blue says:

    India listens to Russia.. what a dumbass news…
    India wants to go against China?? Russia will tell India to stop…

  • luckienuckie says:

    One side is grabbing territory from other countries, changing the landscape, damaging corals, denying fisherman from their traditional fishing grounds, impeding navigation, polluting the area, just because they want to expand as all resources have been used and polluted in their mainland, they think its time to expand and destroy and pollute some more. The other side is simply protecting weak nations and trying to stop the damage that has already been done.

  • don bora says:

    it's not that India is allied to USA… but India has interests in Vietnam that China threatens… India does business with Japan… friendly of friendly countries. and China threats both India militarily and economically. China has been helping terrorists country and has challenged India in Indian Ocean by send nuclear subs…India being next to China in Asian military has the duty to safeguard smaller Asian nations against bully china

  • von gwein says:


  • Romir Bapat says:

    India called off , latest info . !!

  • deadfrontier240 says:

    All this is US propaganda. There is no patrol planned with the US. India has always remained neutral and will remain neutral as long as it stands. The only way you will see military action from our side is if you threaten our interests or legalize the action through the UN.

  • Abhi - J says:

    Only reason I hate Chinese government is because of their unconditional support to the Pakistani jihadi pigs. Otherwise I think India, China Russia can become closest of allies.

  • Veer Bhadra says:

    USA is god

  • Karan Jain says:

    India plan to patrol south China sea because they need oil and gas of south China sea… to increase there growth…… now USA to don't want China to control there for both are patrolling together

  • T Ravichandar says:

    India should focus on its own domestic problems instead of playing to the tunes of the US.

  • lilrog0909 says:

    India is the White mans bitch so I'm not surprise

  • Daniel Schwartz says:

    United States should Stop all Military and Financial Aid to India they are fucking beggars

  • Daniel Schwartz says:

    Indians are idiots that is all I can say … The only reason India is doing this to get free Financial Aid and Weapons from United States. India already gets $2.7 billion US Dollars from United States a year as Aid Fucking beggars.

  • Vy Chi says:

    The might of the US military is needed to control the aggression of the Chinese government. The smaller countries in the region is powerless in dealing with bullying from China. US technology will destroy any weapons that are in the Chinese arsenal. The US has too much interests in the region to allow China to control the shipping movement in the region. It is better to have a quality military than the quantity military. Chinese are thieves and copycats. Chinese government stole military weaponry designs from other countries like the US, Russian and Israel. Chinese government cannot be trusted.

  • brian zhang says:

    the media is trying to let us get upset and excited.  that is their job.  the situation has been boiling for years and years now.  we don't worry about anything anymore, business as usual.  btw what is the plan to kick Chinese out of South China Sea?  I don't see this is happening.  Is shipping and commercial flight safer than ever before with US patrolling in South China Sea?

  • Raksmey Chan says:

    oo no now more cow shit floating in south china sea

  • robin saini says:

    india being a neutal country has strong ties with russia as well as america

  • Tushar Dudam says:

    the Indian Defence Ministry described the report about the Indo-US discussion on joint naval patrolling as “highly speculative”, saying that the South Asian country had never conducted joint patrols with any country and there would be no change in its policy. India will join an international military effort only under the UN flag, stressed the ministry.

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