How a Russian Nuclear Attack Could Have Cut Off U.S. M!ssile Submarines

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This video shows you that How a Russian Nuclear Attack Could Have Cut Off U.S. Mi$sile Submarines.

Today, the U.S. Navy flies a number of E-6B Mercury planes as part of its Take Charge and Move Out system, or TACAMO. Based on the Boeing 707 airliner, the aircraft would help make sure the “go” codes got to the sailing branch’s nuclear mi$$ile boats in a crisis. But since TACAMO has been around since the early 1960s, the Pentagon likely put other, still classified measures into place after reading the results of the DIA study.

A key component of the U.S. doctrine of mutually assured destruction — commonly and appropriately known as MAD — was that American troops would still be able to retaliate if the Soviet Union launched a nuclear attack. But for a time, the Pentagon was seriously worried that its own nuclear mis$ile submarines wouldn’t get those orders in time.

In 1968, the Defense Intelligence Agency’s Scientific Advisory Committee found dangerous gaps in the communications network supporting the nation’s so-called Fleet Ballistic Miss!le boats, or FBMs. The FBM fleet included more than 40 submarines of five different classes all capable of carrying up to 16 Polaris nuclear-tipped ballistic mi$$iles, collectively known as the “ 41 for Freedom .”

The agency included the report in a response to a private individual’s Freedom of Information Act request. The website published the collection of documents totaling more than 1,000 pages.

Despite being heavily redacted, the report offers a candid and worrisome assessment of one of Washington’s key nuclear deterrents during the Cold [email protected]:

1. The Polaris [email protected] system may be targeted against time-urgent or assured destruction targets.

In the first case, the message to fire must be received [redacted] whereas in the second case a delay [redacted] may be acceptable to allow reliable transmission of the “go” message. Primary reliance for communication of this message to the Polaris submarines is placed [redacted.] Backup is provided by [redacted] as well as by other transmitters [redacted.]

2. When the Polaris [email protected] system is targeted against time urgent targets, very severe constraints are imposed on the deployment and the command and control doctrine for the system. The Soviet capability for [redacted] a most serious threat to the Polaris command and control system under these constraints. Therefore, it is the opinion of the DIA/SAC that the U.S. cannot depend with high confidence in the present situation on the Polaris [email protected] system to strike time-urgent targets. On the other hand, the capability of the Polaris system for assured destruction, i.e., for attack of non-time urgent targets, is high.

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    Princess Lilliana Rose
    July 7, 2018 at 4:50 pm

    1968 are you serious

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    Count Rufus
    July 8, 2018 at 5:42 am

    In a conventional land War…Russia would absolutely annihilate Us military.Not only rhat.Europeans would turn against US in a instant.
    Making Us military trapped between Russian and German armies.It would be a murder.
    Russia has underwent the biggest reforms in its military history.All the old Soviet concepts are out and new generation of professional officers and soldiers are in.And new equipment is coming steadily.

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