How a Plucky Swedish Sub Took Out a US Carrier All on Its Own

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In 2005, the USS Ronald Reagan met its match in the form of a single, diesel-powered Swedish submarine. During war games, the plucky submarine was able to sneak through the passive sonar defenses of the Ronald Reagan and its entire accompanying group to score a few precious torpedo hits, (virtually) sinking the cruiser and getting away without so much as a scratch.
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    Michel Platteeuw
    April 18, 2018 at 7:17 pm

    This only highlights Joint Task Force Exercise 06-2.

    In fact the HMS Gotland was leased for one whole year with the crew included from 2005-2006. After they threw everything they had at it and got nothing? They extended the lease for another full year of … well nothing really.

    Result was still the same.

    I quote: ''single, diesel-powered Swedish submarine''?

    Nope the Gotland is and was the worlds first AIP drive submarine and not a D/E.

    You may want to do some digging on this topic. Another good reason is the fact that unlike the US submarines? The Gotland does not have a demagnitized hull at all. So you have to wonder how US submarines make a easy target by being that black hole in the middle of the sea… the Gotland couldn't be spotted by any EM sensors.

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