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Hamster bubble run to Bermuda? Second attempt by Florida peace activist fails – TomoNews

POMPANO BEACH, FLORIDA — This guy has balls; hamster balls.

Florida-based Iranian-born peace activist and distance runner Reza Baluchi received specific instructions earlier this month from the U.S. Coast Guard not to re-attempt to run from Florida to Bermuda across the sea inside a huge hamster ball-like plastic bubble, but he tried again anyway.

In 2014, Baluchi had an idea: to run across the ocean inside a huge plastic bubble from Florida to Bermuda, a journey of about 1,033 miles. This well-meaning individual apparently came up with the stunt as a way of promoting the social causes he cares about — particularly, fostering peace between nations.

In October of 2014, bringing along a few protein bars, Baluchi departed. He planned to run in the mornings, cool off in the ocean while tied to the ball in the afternoons, sleep in the ball at night, and catch fish along the way for additional food.

But just three days into his 2014 adventure he had to be rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard.

So this year he decided to try it again, despite getting specific instructions from the Coast Guard to not re-attempt the feat. “Based on a review of your voyage plan, you are not authorized to depart,” they told him while later telling the media the 2014 rescue cost taxpayers US$144,000.

He was also told that violating this direct order could result in seven years behind bars and or a US$40,000 fine. But on around April 14, 2016, Baluchi went for it again. Only this time, he made it … for a few days longer than last time.

On April 24th, Baluchi and his bubble had to be plucked from the sea again — by a very displeased Coast Guard. No word yet on what charges Baluchi might face.


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