GWT: UK soldiers destroy image of Saddam, TV mast brought down

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(30 Mar 2003)
Outskirts of Basra
1. View along road from camera mounted on gun of British Challenger tank
2. Tank firing several shells at TV mast, after the last one the tower begins to topple, gun swivels and other tanks are visible down the road, also shooting at targets, gun swivels back and TV tower is now gone
Near Basra
3. Members of Black Watch regiment of British army exiting back of armoured vehicle
4. Various of soldier squatting with rifle
5. Wide shot of entrance to abandoned Iraqi military training camp, with picture of Saddam Hussein on left of entrance
6. Various of British army bulldozer destroying picture
7. Set up shot of Lieutenant Colonel Mike Riddell-Webster, Commanding officer of the Black Watch
8. SOUNDBITE: (English) Lieutenant Colonel Mike Riddell-Webster, Commanding Officer, the Black Watch, British Army:
“Since we’ve arrived it has become quite clear that the symbology of this (destroying images of Saddam Hussein) to the local people is hugely important and to give them the encouragement to start understanding that this regime is going, knocking these icons down is very important.”
9. Bulldozer reversing
10. Soldiers by gate
British forces in Iraq have been destroying Iraqi government infrastructure as well as other symbols of president Saddam Hussein’s rule.
The television mast which dominated the skyline in Basra was destroyed by a British Challenger tank of Britain’s Black Watch Regiment on Saturday.
The Challenger tanks and Warrior armoured vehicles of the regiment had launched a push into the city, fighting their way through a barrage of mortar fire and rocket propelled grenades to a position four kilometres (2.5 miles) inside the city limits, the furthest forward they have ventured so far.
Meanwhile other members of the Black Watch continued with their strategy of destroying statues and murals depicting Saddam Hussein.
This time it was a picture of Saddam at the entrance to an abandoned Iraqi military training camp.
The British say destroying such symbols has proved popular with the local population.

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