Germany Offers Stealth Submarine Technology Along With BrahMos Integration Under ‘Make In India’

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This video show s you that Germany Offers Stealth Submarine Technology Along With BrahMos Integration Under ‘Make In India’.
Germany’s Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems, which is pitching HDW-class 214 submarine for India’s P75 (I) project has offered to integrate any weapon system, including ‘Brahmos’ onto its submarines if it bags the deal.
Gurnad Sodhi, Managing Director of thyssenkrupp Marine Systems’ operations in India said that thyssenkrupp is ready to integrate any weapon system, including ‘Brahmos’ onto the latest 214 Class Submarines for the upcoming project P75 (I) project.
“We fully support the ‘Make and Made in India’ policy which would encompass inter-alia Transfer of Technology (ToT), training and meeting all offset obligations. We are awaiting the government’s decision on the Strategic Partner chapter of the new DPP 2016, after which we will begin our negotiations with an Indian shipyard for the P75(I),” he said.
Thyssenkrupp signed 35 million euros contract with the Indian MoD for the upgrade of Indian Navy’s two Shishumar Class submarines to fire Harpoon Anti-Submarine Counter measure system Thursday.
“We have the capacity to integrate any weapon system that is selected by the Indian Navy, onto our (Indian) submarines. We are happy to take on this project to now integrate the harpoon anti ship system in two of the four SSK submarines,” Sodhi said.
Other than Germany’s Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS), Russian Rosoboronexport and French DCNS submarine companies are also competing for the P75i project. Spain’s Navantia S-80 class and Sweden’s SAAB Kockums’ with its A26 submarines have also shown interest in the P-75I.
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  • Reply
    World Peace Yaksha
    October 13, 2017 at 12:05 pm


    Is this going to be another TIBET? Chinese invasion and occupation Let's STOP ✋ and have a look ? at HISTORY. Here's some historical Facts:-

    1. The Nobel Peace Prize recipient Dalai Lama is the only Leader of the Central Government of Tibet, and the Tibetan people. After the People's Republic of China's invasion of Tibet, the Dalai Lama took shelter in India, where he currently lives in Exile. If we follow the Sino reasoning of territorial claim as once in the history the land was occupied by them. Following this logic then MONGOLIA ?? SHOULD HAVE CONTROL OVER NORTHERN CHINA ?? TODAY as they controlled it after the Mongol conquest. Is China willing to Withdraw from all territories to stay Behind the Great Wall which was built to keep the invading Mongol Army's out as that is very clearly marked boundary. Not to forget JAPAN ?? SHOULD HAVE CONTROL OVER EASTERN CHINA ?? TODAY as they controlled it after the Sino – Japan War. Also RUSSIA ?? SHOULD HAVE CONTROL OVER NORTHEAST CHINA ?? TODAY as the Soviets controlled territory. The heritage listed so called the Great Wall of China is a clear mark in history of the Chinese nation which is known as the (YRC) Yellow River civilisation also in some parts of the black and white world known as the Weird Yellow People. So the only TRUE Historical Claim on Land between the two Great Rivers: the Yangtze, and the Yellow River or Huang He AKA Scourge of the Han People. On Water MAY BE Some Parts of The YELLOW SEA as it is linked to the YRC Land, This Is the TRUTH ABOUT CHINA ?? AND ITS CLAIMS.

    2. SINO GREED OVER RESOURCES and INCURSIONS HAS TERRITORIAL CLAIMS OVER ITS Neighbouring Peaceful Nations has over time put them in BORDER DISPUTES in the NORTH with RUSSIA ??and other EX SOVIET NATIONS Kazakhstan ??, Tajikistan ??, Kyrgyzstan ??, EAST with JAPAN ?? and South Korea ?? in the East China Sea, IN THE SOUTH CHINA SEA with Taiwan ??, Philippines ??, Vietnam ??, Malaysia ??, Brunei ??and Indonesia ??, in the WEST with TIBET, Bhutan ?? and INDIA ?? at least 10 Neighbours DUE TO THE SINO INCURSIONS have BORDER DISPUTES with China ??.

    3. Why is the World ? Talking about FREEDOM of NAVIGATION in the SOUTH CHINA SEA and its SOVEREIGNTY because of the Sino INCURSIONS once again China's ?? Territorial Claim on the "NINE-DASH LINE", which is unlawful under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) convention. Once again with this Territorial Claim understanding the Liberation Army have taken the Claim on others Sovereignty Claim, ?As New Islands are being built and New Ports are being built in Surrounding Nations all in the Name of Progressive Expansion of the ANCIENT TRADE ROUTES or so called STRING of PEARLS which extend from the Chinese mainland to Port Sudan. So is Philippines ?? going to be Bought by the New Smart PEARL City being Built for its free Claim to the South China Sea. {Now After all this the World is still NOT DOING MUCH about the losing the Freedom on the Water} Great Vision China you have found that baby steps is the best move to take over the World's Waterways using GREED as a Economic Tool.? So with the Waters Tested let's have a L?k at the New Final Frontier or let's call it China wants to get everyone tied up in the One Belt One Road project and then tighten the Belt in Road… funnily enough India ?? smells the Bull$#it as it has had historically events it has learnt from and Boycotts the CPEC.?

    4. So some of us are Excited about the Greatest thing since sliced bread or the Greatest China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative. One Belt One Road is believed to be a way to extend Chinese influence at the expense of the US, in order to fight for World leadership all in the Name of Transparency and this is said by the Least Transparent or one of the most Suppressed Nation as per the World Media. The one trillion USD estimated project can be considered a masterstroke by China to establish itself as a World-Leading Economy and to Spread its Power. In Today's World USA ?? the Super Power is seen as the Big Brother but now enters China ?? as the Big Buyer ??? and this Greedy World is saying 99 Years YES OK YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL FOR ???. A recent UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific Study (UNESCAP) has sensitised countries in South and Central Asia of the financial risks they could face through China’s OBOR.   The UNESCAP report has cautioned that the size of the economy of a recipient country is small compared to the very high risk it faces should it accept or allow Chinese investment to take root. The final end result will be an unsurmountable debt trap for the country involved.  ( )

    5. Congrats to the Future As with China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ initiative we finally will have the ONE WORLD ? All Linked All in ORDER. Is this one of human kinds Greatest Visions or one of Humanity Greediest Failure as in the History of the Ancient Silk Road. Is this going to be War Round 2 as in The East Sino (One China Policy) ??is Coming for the Western Allies (NATO)????????like a walk in the countryside Welcomed in with Greedy open arms unlike the First Sino-Roman War was fought between the Roman Empire and its Allies ???? against the Song Empire of Serica from 1392 to 1401 with the original Roman aim of forcing Serica to stop exporting silk to the Roman Empire. However, the war soon became a war fueled by primarily border disputes. The First Silk War ended with an Allied victory and the Treaty of Baghdad.

    China and its Neighbours: troubled relations

  • Reply
    Steven Smith
    October 13, 2017 at 12:05 pm

    WOW! If I am not mistaken, India is:

    1. Partnering with the Russians.

    2. Partnering with China.

    3. Partnering with Isreal.

    4. India already has U.S. Military Tech & Weapon Systems.

    5. Boing is moving their F16 manufacturing to India.

    I cannot posibly be the only one seeing the trouble here.

    Very simply, every country will have unfettered access to all U.S. Technology in India.

    Hell, China & Russia has already reverse engineered & duplicated foreign tech.

    What comes next? Oh, I forgot, our politicians are already selling us out via Obama, Clinton & our elected officials of the last 20-30 years.

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