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Frontline report: Inside Syrian army air base

Syrian pilots prefer to fly Vietnam-era jets and to use some equipment which dates back to the 1960’s but is still more reliable, easier to fly and to maintain than their modern counterparts.


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  • Rupamjana1 says:

    Bravo !!! Syrian Arab Army….. Kill those ISIS, Free Syrian Army(FSA), jabhat Al-nursa & other terrorist groups…. Send them to mass grave…… Kudos !!!!!! Long Live Assad……

  • buntik1687 says:

    Lovely planes!

  • Wayne Wedderburn says:

    psalm 44;45 :49

  • 2ndKombat says:

    MiG-21 is older than my parents too and I'm 25 btw.

  • seamus dugan says:

    I feel so much shame fro what my corrupt government has done to such a beautiful country, and a beautiful people, us TRUE americans see through this mis information and we know what is really going on, all the best to the SYRIAN ARMY!

  • tuan vo says:

    YEAH.RUSSIAN weapons very Russia ,Syria.god bless them.<3

  • LanguageMan1 says:

    Don't worry, not everyone in the US is stupid and believes everything our press has to say or our government for that matter and IT'S lies!

  • abbas akhoundi says:

    give them some mic 24 and new figher mr.putin.

  • Children of The Most High says:

    Hearts and Minds (Vietnam) or winning hearts and minds refers to the strategy and programs used by the governments of South Vietnam and the United States during the Vietnam War to win the popular support of the Vietnamese people and to help defeat the Viet Cong insurgency. Pacification is the more formal term for winning hearts and minds. Military, political, economic, and social means were used to attempt to establish or reestablish South Vietnamese government control over rural areas and people under the influence of the Viet Cong. Some progress was made in the 1967-1971 period by the joint military-civilian organization called CORDS, but the character of the war changed from an insurgency to a conventional war between the armies of South and North Vietnam. North Vietnam won in 1975.

    Pacification or hearts and minds objectives were often in diametric opposition to the strategy of firepower, mobility, and attrition pursued by the U.S. from 1965 to 1968. Rather than the search and destroy strategy the U.S. followed during those years, hearts and minds had the priority of "hold and protect" the rural population and thereby gain its support for the government of South Vietnam.

  • Children of The Most High says:

    Google Winning over hearts and minds, that's why misinformation is spread, dating back to World War 2

  • alpha tango says:

    respect to the pilots

  • Don Smajlovic says:

    Damn savages. Jihadists are so stupid that anyone can come in pay and arm them and let them loose to destroy their own countries killing each other while the real enemy is sitting back having a blast watching their enemies destroy each other. Thats the intelligence of these fanatics not only muslim but anywhere in world they are all easily manipulated and seriously lack intelligence

  • ali mousavi says:

    Unfortunately,I cannot see and watch anything at all!!!?

  • Eisenhans says:

    i wouldn't fly that ! Just exchange them with the Su 34. It will pay in the future.

  • George Milton says:

    you know what is cool about those migs? they still can fuck some of NATO aircrafts easily

  • oPINIONS says:

    Massive respect

  • Chris Ferrari FF says:

    they don't plane…Russian is there… they are here for them…long live Putin🇷🇺⭐🇷🇺⭐🇷🇺⭐🇷🇺⭐🇷🇺⭐🇷🇺⭐

  • Andreas Salza says:

    Those domestic bombs are nicknamed "barrel bombs". Unguided, indiscriminate, used widely to butcher and terrorize civilian population in close city quarters like Aleppo.

  • Fudzly Abdul Wahab says:

    they lose many jet before this hahaaa

  • Cutie Marxist says:

    Maybe Old but still get's the job done…..Respect SAA

  • Bahdini Kurd says:

    why russia dont give them new aircrafts?

  • emexphive says:

    this video is proof the Syrian air force is clearly a grave threat to usa national security.

  • pocallaghan9 says:

    quite an amazing video for me i feel so sad for these syrian pilots and wish them so much success against these saudie dogs… Thanks god russia is in the air with these syrian pilots to help them

  • Music Media Group / Directed by Davo says:

    CIA = ISIS. The West doesn't want to defeat 'terrorism'. The West IS terrorism realized.

  • starlight76able says:

    still love the Syrian Arab Army and Air Force

  • Supes Me says:

    Awesome Vid!

  • Mechyuda says:

    Syrian air force and Russian air force bomb terrorists, while the Zionist US kleptocracy and its allies use their planes to airdrop weapons and supplies to terrorists. The US regime also claims to be the global leader in anti-terrorism, liberty, and justice. This is the craziness of today.

  • Politicien independant Pourou Opoukou says:

    RT brought us a good information.

  • Змей Горыныч says:

    отважные люди!

  • Змей Горыныч says:

    отважные люди!

  • Maria Engström says:

    I see heroes and I salute them!

  • Copy Cat says:

    I am secretly typing this right now…my mum doesn't want me to be on the computer. She threatened to smash my head into the keyboard if she found me on here. Well, I just wanted to say that I believe in your military andayou dsdifjhsdoufh iiasdhfbadsufgd\*skufgads kfgds fdfuds gfadsbbhyjadfjadsfhsadfo

  • Tripcore says:

    As a single engine jet, it's not easy to fly compared to duel engine counterparts.

  • Sadistic Spece Marine says:

    shit bro these show how long lasting and enduring russian equipment is.

  • Bone Check says:

    It can still make ISIS eat bombs

  • Kenny911able says:

    Soviet Russia birds…. still on duty)

  • Hassan Assod says:

    Knowledge and ignorance is the greatest power in the world, those who control it shape the world, and those who manipulate it, can create their desired outcome, be it wars, peace, hate, or love………which makes you think…..fuck what's going to happen as the USA's power declines and knowledge manipulation backfires….well here is your answer, Syria.

  • thomas judge says:

    brave pilots. Respect from New Zealand.

  • Springfield8 says:

    Since all the US-backed terrorist groups in Syria have a stone-age ideology, the secular Syrian government would still be 5000 years more advanced if it used WWII planes.

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