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Former Marine Corps prosecutor talks Bowe Bergdahl case

Reaction from Christopher Oprison to reports that Bergdahl is expected to plead guilty to deserting his post.

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  • erick rodriguiez says:

    Wood working lmao! Sad

  • George Vangordon jr says:

    Anybody remember Obama bringing this guy to Washington and shaking his hand and broadcasting it on TV?Like some kind of hero. A traitor to his country to his fellow soldiers ..and the president shaking his hand .some times you just have to scratch your head and wonder what the heck was obama doing to this country

  • Lloyd Powell says:

    He should have been firing squaded.

  • monkeygraborange says:

    Susan Rice is such a vile cunt, she should be stood up against a wall and shot for treason.

  • michael lamoy says:

    Good, now we put him on trial and he is done.
    He did plead to avoid death.

  • David Turner says:

    stut down our boarders and deport all non American's.

  • TheScott2theextreme says:

    Bergdahl didn't make it in the Coast Guard for a reason. He should have never been allowed into the Army. He did what any person with mental health problems would do: act inappropriately. The army is just as much to blame for putting Bergdahl where he shouldn't have been in the first place.

  • C5Ron7 says:

    Bring back #Waterboarding, I'll pay for the H2O :))

  • C5Ron7 says:

    Strip that UNIFORM off this POS, Take those AWARDS OFF, he don't Deserve to wear anything other than #PrisonOrangePantSuits with the #ClintonCrimeMachine It's people like this that CREATED #FireringSquads, let's use them! I'll pay for the Bullets, HELL I'll go pull the trigger IF Needed! Him wearing the uniform and awards is a disgrace and a slap in the Face to ALL WHO Served Honorably! He caused the DEATHS of at least 5 Brave American Troops, should be put to Death for that crime! Those Brave Troops are Gone forever!

  • Christopher R says:

    stupid obama (the muslim) did it again. caught supporting his muslim brothers. iran deal, bergdahl the traitor deal, north korea "do nothing" deal all fell apart causing great threat to americans.

  • Jack MeOff says:

    He is pleading guilty just to avoid the firing squad.

  • Steven 801 says:

    This a perfect example of Obama betraying his country and should be charged with high treason.

  • Game Bred Duramax says:

    Bowe should hang for treason at high noon tomorrow!

  • Top Kek says:

    Public execution. Make his jihadi mother and father watch.

  • dana justin says:

    Hello guys, checkout some eye catching information about Bowe Bergdahl that everybody MUST know here

  • Lisa L says:

    He's a traitor who shouldn't have been rescued.

  • John Wierzbicki says:

    And to make things worse, Obama invited his Parents to the White House! The point of this is not about Bergdahl,  that's a no brainer! It's about Obama! What's to be done about him? Is America smart enough to realize what his true Legacy is? If we would go solely on what he accomplished in 8 years and what he's left behind, well my fellow citizens, that's a pretty strong case to never elect a Democrat as President again!

  • johnny llooddte says:

    no way the military wants this to go to trial..berdgdahl pleads to a misdemeanor

  • johnny llooddte says:

    thats why this guy is only a colonel and not a general… no general will ever convict bergdahl to prison..its bad for morale.. you can call him a deserter or worse.. no general is going to leave even a bad soldier behind..bottom line..
    dpc johnny nato of7

  • johnny llooddte says:

    poor bergdahl… he should have never been in the military..
    he did serve with distinction till the day he left and ever since he came back.. get a grip.. thats a fact no odumma groupie..
    but he proves america goes after its missing..
    thats what it proves.. grow up…
    doc johnny
    flight surgeon nato of7

  • Weber 420 says:

    I think that we should go by our usual deal death he joined the military and he ran these colors don't run

  • John Grytbakk says:

    Hussein O was so destructive to the Republic. ….much more than many realize. A ruined nation. So sad.

  • Faken Name says:

    With honor? WTF was that bitch smoking when she said that?

  • Dewey Overholt says:

    Only obama and his regime would say the one traitor for 5 terrorists was a good trade.

  • digiPlant AB Bokning says:

    Execution – firing squad….

  • 123bigred says:

    Susan rice and barack hussien obama ARE BOTH TRAITORS THAT NEED TO BE ARRESTED JUST FOR LYING/PERJURY!!!!!

  • Donna Keizer says:

    Rice’s maid was found murdered last week, who murdered her, Oct, 2017.♥️

  • letmetellya says:

    He'll plead guilty then his lawyers will quickly try for acquittal. I don't trust this pig. I think he's a taliban operative

  • Ash Ravenwood says:

    Bowe Bergdahl is a coward. Plain and simple.

  • Blue Brick Wall says:

    Why is Obama not being charged, ….and everyone else involved in brokering that deal?

  • Robert Morris says:

    This was another disgraceful move by obama.

  • Robert Morris says:

    No bergdal for levenworth.He is lucky he didn't get the firing squad. What he did is punishable by firing squad during war time. This guy should get no leanancy.

  • Gerald Trice says:

    Bergdahl is a traitor and should not profit from his slimy behavior by selling his story to the liberal press. A no profit clause must be included in the pleading.

  • Mogul says:

    He was a Hero. You drunk Fuck Brian

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