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First Glimpse Of China’s Nuclear Submarine Fleet

here is the first ever glimpse Of China’s Nuclear Submarine Fleet

The warships from the three fleets of the Chinese Navy reached the West Pacific Ocean to conduct a drill on Thursday.

They are respectively from the North China Sea Fleet, the East China Sea Fleet and the South China Sea Fleet.

The unit from the East China Sea Fleet, which is composed of two frigates, Zhoushan and Xuzhou, sailed into the West Pacific Ocean at 04:30 on Thursday morning. They are under the command of the guided missile destroyer Guangzhou, which, together with three frigates Huangshan, Zhoushan and Xuzhou, formed the “Red Force”.

With various types of shipborne helicopter, the “Red Force” has stronger strike, detection sea and anti-submarine capabilities. In addition, it is also equipped with long-range bomber and can launch long-range air attacks against the “Blue Force”.

“The difficulty for us is to detect the targets as far as possible. identify the targets as fast as possible and assess the damage we caused to the targets in a timely manner. But all is ready for us,” said Jiang Weilie, commander of the “Red Force”.

The “Blue Force” is composed of guided missile destroyers Shijiazhuang and Shenyang and missile frigate Yantai, which also have arrived at the area for the military drill. It has stronger surface strike capability and air defense capability.

Apart from the shipborne helicopter, the “Blue Force” is also equipped with air warning plane, which will provide information to support the drill.

The exercise, which began Friday and will last until the beginning of November, is expected to improve high sea combat capabilities and the application of information technology.

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  • Maurice The Guitar Hero says:

    I don't care what country your from. Submarines are badass!

  • Myron Ray Evasco says:

    i think china subs technology is old fashion

  • James Ng Chee Hao says:

    Dear People's Republic of China,

    I pray (to Lord Jesus) that the People's Republic of China government will buy over the IBM (an American technology company) intellectual property rights and the blueprint of its technology and the blueprint for its technological products. I also pray (to Lord Jesus) that when China have bought over the IBM intellectual property rights and the blueprints of its technology and the blueprint for is technological products, that China will use the blueprint of IBM technology to create its own original technology and its own original operating systems for its own original computers. Then I pray (to Lord Jesus) that it will use its own original technology and its own original operating system and its own original computers to invent and develop new weapons and war machine (fighter jets, aircraft carriers, submarine and naval ships) which can effectively protect the People's Republic of China.

    Thank you.

    Yours sincerely,
    Ng Chee Hao James

  • James Ng Chee Hao says:

    China should really built more and more nuclear submarine to patrol and roam all the oceans and seas in the world.

    May God bless China.

  • Dain Morgan says:

    u are absolutely right John morgan

  • 赛艇亦可 says:


  • Chuong Le Pham says:

    Chinese subs- buy 1 get 1 free- and it comes with a pack of toothpicks to hold it together in case the subs fall apart. LOL…

  • Pre114 says:

    American troll: "BLAH BLAH BLAH, lame made-in-China garbage comment, BLAH BLAH BLAH, America no.1 BLAH BLAH!"

  • Palmarin Jacinto says:

    china's   nuclear  coffin  submarine  fleet

  • Barrie Wright says:

    I have never seen so much ignorens, on the side of the westerns, and racists stupidity, it looks like most of you have forgotten the last four centuries, and what you have done in your Owen name. Can you not see that China, is going through technological change. They are working at mastering the technologies that they have aquired, or created themselves. This is how Japan started in the mid eighteenth century , the same with Europe two centuries, a go. Stop being so ignorent, of the facts.

  • Taylor Feebie says:

    USA have more spies (CIA) and computer hackers (NSA) while stealing more technology than China ever has. Quit your anti-chinese rants, you're simply making chinese citizens (including scientist and engineers) in USA and Europe to lose loyalty and generate hate leading to eventual betrayal.

  • Triptab says:

    China is ally of the Jews and Israel, thus all the propaganda on China by the U.S. Jewish media. China has no functional nuclear submarine or aircraft carrier. The Jewish technicians are now busy helping China in this area. The old aircraft carrier China got from Ukraine is a tourist attraction.

  • rich5817 says:

    I am very upset with the Chinese right now, last night I ordered a dinner combo with EXTRA dick sauce, didn't get it. Today I picked up my laundry and they put starch in my shirts. If they cant get this basic shit right they shouldn't be building subs

  • aldraw says:

    Vietnam and the Philippines are so scary China needs dozens of attack submarines.

  • Hea Jung kim says:

    I don't need to see the comments to know that westerners will give their most vicious/venomous curse to china's progress even it is just fake news made by westerner media itself. no matter what chinese do, they all have great hatret to china. hahaha, great. I like to see your performence as hungry mokey. 

    white people were considered as ghost monster before 1950 when chinese first time saw westerners, because they looks so terrible in chineses' eyes. although I am in us now I never dare to have a white as roomate, it will make nightmare to live together with a monster, and they are so smelly if they don't bathe in the whole day.

  • The LOLbertarian says:

    Just some random subs with some random people on them… launching things randomly. 

  • GuanYu 張雪林 says:

    a lot of butthurt americans here lol

  • Irene Tull says:

    every time we shop at Wal-Mart, we are paying for all of this.

  • Dustin Cordell says:

    also if you look at 1:47 we have no worries there subs fall apart 

  • Dustin Cordell says:

    those little yellow bastard copied our seawolf desgin 

  • lukebccb says:

    China should just accept a role like the Germans where Germany is a defacto colony of the United States.  That way China can concentrate on economics and continue to economically thrive like the Germans are thriving economically here in the present and leave the Americans to economically destroy themselves by being the 21st Century version of the British Royal Navy.

  • magicstix0r says:

    "First glimpse of chinese nuclear submarine fleet…"

    30 seconds in they show a US Los Angeles class, then half the boats are diesels or surface ships…. LoLwhut?

  • Kaoru Matsushima says:

    The US forced Japan to give its ultra silent sub techs to Australia but Australia is an ally of China, the techs will be given to China, the US won't be able to detect Chinese subs by its SONAR anymore. It seems the US has forgotten the TOSHIBA COCOM incident, it has got so upset and angry about TOSHIBA that sold it to Soviet.

  • Li Zheng Ye says:

    one JL-2 could erase Cam Ranh!

  • Thomas Tuan Nguyen says:

    the russians build them?

  • mechanicalbu11 says:

    You can thank America for a strong china, we are killing ourselves to make China Noumber one in the world. why? because that's what the the "Old Money" wants, they do not understand that the Chinese are playing them. sooner or later the Chinese will double cross the powers that made them and exterminate them all.

    Remember folks the tender mercies of the Chinese are beyond cruel partly because of Sun Tzu, who is also their long dead master and the old Money dose not understand this fact.

  • Stand4Liberty says:

    Good. Now the US Navy's fleet of Virginia Class and Seawolf Class hunter-killer submarines will have more prey!

  • Dogmeat1950 says:

    Not amazed they have Used "Top Gun" footage to show off their Air Force before.

  • LiveForPanda says:

    True, and I believe no country is that stupid to train its navy as how it trains army. Maybe Mongolia :P

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