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Engineering Technician-Weapon Engineer

Engineering Technician-Weapon Engineer

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  • cjw says:

    3 years at collingrad and you only get an HND- poor really when you need a degree for most well paid engineering jobs when you enter civvy street

  • Druid Hugger says:

    ET/WE like to get 8 hours sleep a day and at least 7 hours at night . If not they are not doing their jobs right. So my daughter tells me, she is a weapons engineer in th RN.

  • Steven Andrews says:

    Weapons engineering is a lot of sleepless nights with no gratitude.

    BUT if you really like engineering and electronics then it is the only job to do.

    If your more into simple system such as hydraulics and pneumatics then smash yourself into the ME world

    @harvey529 chances are you will be fast tracked if you are qualified as an ME from civvie street

  • TopDoge says:

    @forget1me14 It depends, beacuse i still don't know whether i want to be a Weapons or Marine Engineer but if your wanting to be a Weapons Engineering Technician in the navy I would have thought chosing Technical Engineering because weapons engineering involves a lot of electronic (Weapon targeting, radar, sonar, comms etc.) and Marine Engineering is mostly engines and metal work… I would recommend speaking to a naval careers officer first 🙂

  • TopDoge says:

    When i finish school i will have already earned an NVQ Level 2 in Marine Engineering with 2 years work experience from a part-time college course. And im only 16.

  • Darby Allen says:

    once you've qualified as a weapons engineer do you specilise in a section and what are the different sections?

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