EDIT US marines involved in street to street fighting plus US army comment

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(10 Nov 2004)
1. Pull out from US flag (on top of a tank) to wide shot of US tank in front of a mosque
2. Tank advancing along road
3. Body of an militant laying on street
4. Various of US soldiers on street
5. Various of injured US soldier being helped by others and treated at the site, audio of heavy gunfire
6. Various of street fighting, shell hitting a wall, soldiers taking shelter, audio of heavy gunfire
7. More of gunfire, cameraman running across the street, taking shelter
8. Various of battle
9. US soldier firing RPG (rocket propelled grenade)
10. Smoke rising from a building after being hit by the RPG
11. More of US soldiers firing and shouting
12. More of fire exchange
13. Another RPG being fired
14. Wide shot US tanks firing
15. US soldier talking on radio
16. More of US soldiers firing
17. Rooftop in flames
18. Various car in flames
19. US soldiers carrying their heavily wounded colleague
20. Soldier being carried into APC
21. SOUNDBITE (English) Lieutenant Colonel Pete Newell, Army Taskforce 2-2, US First Infantry Division:
QUESTION: “Did you say earlier you were surprised by the lack of organised resistance?”
“I’m surprised by how quickly it (the resistance) broke and how quickly they ran away. You know, for a force of foreign fighters who were supposed to fight to the death. Here it is, less than 24 hours after we crossed the LD (the starting point) and I am already on the southern end of the eastern force in Fallujah and there’s virtually no organised resistance left between here and the north side of town.”
22. Tank passing by camera
23. Wide shot tanks on the road at sunset, hazy air after the battle
The first video footage of a gun battle in Fallujah shows dramatic scenes of street to street fighting.
Marines from 1st Regiment of the 3rd Marine Battalion, were on Wednesday engaged in a seven-hour firefight in the Jolan district of the town.
U.S. troops powered their way into the centre of Fallujah on Tuesday, overwhelming small groups of guerrillas with massive force, searching homes along the city’s deserted, narrow passageways and using loudspeakers to try to goad militants onto the streets.
As of Tuesday night, the fighting had killed 10 U.S. troops and two members of the Iraqi security force, the U.S. military announced. The toll already equalled the 10 American military deaths when Marines besieged the city for three weeks in April.
Before the major ground assault began on Monday night, the U.S. military reported 42 militants killed. Fallujah doctors reported 12 people dead. Since then, there has been no specific information on Iraqi death tolls.
As the offensive moved into a second full day, up to eight attack aircraft – including jets and helicopter gunships – blasted guerrilla strongholds and raked the streets with rocket, cannon and machine-gun fire ahead of U.S. and Iraqi infantry who were advancing only one or two blocks behind the curtain of fire.
Small groups of guerrillas, armed with rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, mortars and machine guns, engaged U.S. troops, then fell back. U.S. troops inspected houses along Fallujah’s streets and ran across adjoining alleyways, mindful of snipers.
Faced with overwhelming force, resistance in Fallujah did not appear as fierce as expected, though the top U.S. commander in Iraq said he still expected “several more days of tough urban fighting” as insurgents fell back toward the southern end of the city, perhaps for a last stand.
“I’m surprised by how quickly it (the resistance) broke and how quickly they ran away. ” said Lieutenant Colonel Pete Newell, from the US First Infantry Division.

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