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EA-18 G: US Navy’s latest electronic warfare aircraft



The EA-18 Growler is the US Navy’s new electronic warfare aircraft. A variant of the US Navy’s F/A-18F Super Hornet multi-role fighter, it can be converted from an electronic warfare configuration to a fighter configuration. Its flexible design enables it to perform a broad range of missions, making it popular with Pentagon cost-cutters worried about the ballooning price-tags of newer systems such as the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. Source: Wired, Boeing

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  • Truth says:


    Americans electronics-warfare is behind others!

    Still using 1970' tech!


    Most US ships are still using 1970s-vintage electronic defense, chiefly something called the AN/SLQ-32 (“Slick 32″), which have fallen dangerously behind rapid, globally available advances in electronics. Potential adversaries like Russia and China can equip their anti-ship missiles with targeting radars using frequencies too high for current US defenses to even detect. US Pacific Command is particularly concerned

    “Certain countries on the Eurasian land mass are building weapons that a SLQ-32 will not detect,” Deputy Chief of Naval Operations for resources, Vice Adm. Joseph Mulloy, said at this week’s McAleese Associates/Credit Suisse conference. If US ships face these new missiles without an electronic warfare upgrade, he said, “you will never know when something bad is coming, [and] it’s coming in at a supersonic speed.”

    The Navy is working on a $1.6 billion technological upgrade overhauling ship defense systems onboard amphibs and aircraft carriers to include interceptor missiles, streamlined radars and software improvements, service officials said.

    The work is being done on what’s called Ship Self Defense Systems, or SSDS – a series of integrated technologies being upgraded to track, identify and destroy a wide range of possible threats such as incoming enemy supersonic missiles.

  • Kertlund says:

    more easy to destroy with emp 

  • Michaelc136 says:

    lol ive seen it in many pictures.. 

  • Jacob Looney says:

    They aren't going to show what the console actually looks like

  • Michaelc136 says:

    Just so the animator knows.. that cockpit was from the F15E 0:15

  • pete5668 says:

    they will all go to yucca mountain when that waste disposal site is complete

  • 15thsquadron01 says:

    The F-14D was the Best Aim-64 Pheonix Missiles.

  • GhostHawk76 says:

    where is The DICE-18 ?

  • NYAngelo says:

    The E/A-18G has 2 seats, just so you know.

  • lb8068 says:

    God, they just keep adding more and more the F/A-18 airframe. The US Navy's fleet is becoming less and less able to perform its variety of roles. The F-18 is become decent at all, master of nothing. All this helps with is logistics and doesn't actually add to the power of the fleet at all. Remember when we had DEDICATED aircraft for performing DEDICATED tasks? Like the F-14A/B/D which was a long range interceptor? Now what have a we got? A dogfighter up against potential long range threats? Pfff

  • MrHaahz says:

    How to keep those tubes after refueling?

  • aaron8862006 says:

    @Antifaith29 – It's pretty ideal. That's how it's done these days. Navy doesn't have any other refueling platforms on the boat. There used to be a choice… Whale, SLUF, Intruder… not anymore.

  • Antifaith29 says:

    @joelhar1 It's not ideal but it's doable.

  • aaron8862006 says:

    @joelhar1 – You should, because they do it. Buddy tanking.

  • Joel Harding says:

    Uh… at the :35 mark the EA-18 G is transferring fuel TO a mini AWACS? Uh… don't think so. 

  • patricblack1 says:

    More weapons to kill. More of what we don't need.

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