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Doklam: China’s defence ministry does not support ‘short war’ theory

Doklam: China’s defence ministry does not support ‘short war’ theory

BEIJING: China’s defence ministry has distanced itself from discussion in the state backed media about a “small-scale military operation” to remove Indian troops from the disputed Doklam area+ on the Sikkim border.

“This kind of reports represents the view of the media and think-tanks. For official information please refer to the statements of foreign ministry and defence ministry spokespersons,” China’s Defence Ministry spokesman Sr. Col. Ren Guoqiang told an Indian media delegation here on Monday.

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  • Nice Nice says:

    Indian YouTube warrior will conquer whole world.😂

  • shailender kumar says:

    We know China is Stronger than India on Papers …
    But it doesn't mean that China is invincible…..
    Don't try to Compare us with your South China Sea neighbour….
    If Israel can beat 7 Nations in a single War .. India is not far Behind from China in any Field.
    So China should choose there option wisely because if you loose a war in 21st century The Dream of China to become Super power also buried in the Deep South China Sea.
    Indians only want PEACE an LOVE which can possible only through diplomatic channels….

  • jagirkrishna dave says:

    plz start war dont bark we want one single fire so dat we send yo back to 1950 china

  • radhamoh says:

    small scale war. India U think is bhutan. U will do a surgical strike of a thing.U punk chinese are so obsessive about being boss of asia.U have made Multiple enemies on all sides.For china it will be a like a prostitute taking from all sides simultaneously

  • Gur raj says:

    Hello chaina..u must keep in the mind now what iam saying…below.

    . India is one country in the world not attack first other country.

    . India not interst ruling other country.

    . Indian intention is clear chaina must vacceate tibet..for refuji tebaetian pepoles are now home less less mother land less less…
    Give tibet mother land of the tebetians.

    ..forget your intention captering butan
    India and chaina both are big.
    soverigne imege both.
    Stop status quo voilation in butan territary..
    keep the peace and save only one glob. Jhai hind.

    .from true indian citizen

  • Naved H says:

    Saffron terrorists of India are asking for it… They need it. Their ass is itching for a kick.

  • Wendell Bruges says:

    Great news, finally some sense has prevailed in Chinese leadership and Chinese troops have started withdrawing from Bhutan. This clearly shows that China had entered Bhutanese territory. Hope now China comes out with an official apology.

  • Warp Drive says:

    Dont worry China, Indian Army is coming to liberate you from the evil, facist, communist government. You will finally get a taste of democracy and freedom. China is a great civilization and we have lived peacefully for centuries. Your CCP killed 70 million chinese people that's more than the casualties for ww2! We will have peace again soon.

  • Nameless9635 says:

    India creating trouble in bhutan … India needs to stop acting like its boss in south asia…But they will learn the hard way.. PLA must teach them some good lesson.

  • Nitin Kumar says:

    China not to be trusted, they back-stab in 1962 and they can do it anytime.

  • Peter C says:

    welcome to Beijing 😂😂😂

  • Kush Harsh says:

    No matter what one does, it seems impossible to get rid of Porkis and Mosquitoes..


    Ur leader deceived Mr Nehru..India will declare Tibet as a separate. U people has no culture but borrowed from India. U can't deceive Modi.

  • Jegan N says:

    it's may change in to international issue.. China will fucked by india and Nato..

  • Sunil Kapoor says:

    Dear china come n check us ? Good luck to you sir ?

  • Solomon Hussain says:

    Chinese are very civilized. Looks like Indians are acting polite as the Chinese are ready to get them. When the dog puts the tail between the legs it does not mean the dog is suddenly civilized …

    The dog is only covering the its ass in fear and trauma as it makes it way away from the trouble.

    Such is the case with the Dick/Cock (Shivling) and animal worshipers.

  • 0x0cd0 says:

    Cowardly chinese can't handle war

  • sentinel8 says:

    Clones were never this cheap,chinkis can't see properly bcoz all of them r same,their doomsday is coming

  • yoU Nxt says:

    We can lease subs…… fighter jets more nd more if we needed in emergency…what u gonna do China…battle us from land…u gonna loose u already know…

  • indranil patel says:

    " Indian military is more than just start a war , China will realise what they are upto against the world's 1 of the best military "
    " will learn a lot till date they don't have learn "
    " military is full prepared to give any aggression a full & final blow "
    " if China want to deviate Indian military from Pakistan "
    damn good name change but role & act will be the same "

  • khan khan says:

    Indian bastards crying …China should fuck Randians

  • Pradeep says:

    Before war, china pretends to be a mellow kitty. They did hindu chini bhai bhai in 1962 and then attacked.

  • Ankur Malhotra says:

    Let's free Tibet.

  • jaysri jayaraman says:

    mother fucker China you forget 1967

  • robin mitrani says:

    😂😂 Funny to see so many patriotic comments from "Communist Slaves" 😁😆

  • robin mitrani says:

    ✔️Doing illegal construction in disputed areas is what Chinese do, Everyone knows.
    ✔️ Recalling 1962 is a stupid arguments. Chinese people were slaves of Communist leaders then and even today. However things are changed in Indian side.
    ✔️Now issue is Doklam+South China Sea 😂 you are trapped and all your assumptions will get wrong.

  • coval 77 says:

    God is on China's side. China has overwhelming military powers that would pound India into the ground hardcore. Pakistan also would gladly assist at the drop of a hat.

  • Solomon Hussain says:

    There is a paradigm shift in Kashmir, Hyderabad, Sikkim, Bhutan and Bangladesh …..India knows well what is waiting for it. It is China and China means serious business.

    All Indian troops will have to be moved away from Bhutan as the Dragon is making its way.
    The reality is, if India could manage to deal with China peacefully then India will save itself a massive devastation.

    Indian hegemony, Lila-Khela and wanton display of arrogance with its neighboring states has been on notice for sometimes. Things have changed !!!! India will have to bite its legs to save its face.

    The Tea-Boy, Wife-Abuser and the Butcher of Gujarat can cry for help to the world. Any wrong move may bring in far-reaching and detrimental consequences within India and beyond its borders.

  • tbiz1000 says:

    Fucking Indian learn English first you can't even post anything with human voice tells me how backward you are

  • bharath ca says:

    he support long war theory….. stupid ugly idiots…..

  • Nmax says:

    Free Tibet! From Nepal – Fuck China noodle dicks

  • sb s says:

    have you all seen yesterday battle tank race taking place in Russia and India performed superb and chinese tank wheel came out of vehicle cheap quality china made product after this also feeling like superpower

  • Shankar Asnani says:

    India and China should work together for World Peace

  • gorsen_Yip says:

    anyone can explain that why Idiots(Indian) always talking like their head full of shit? no one in the world will listen to the Indian when they are talking, the people just let them finish the talking and then stay away from them ,bc they are really really stink!!

  • Raj Dey says:

    China is shit …..shit from my Anus…..

  • Mr. Cat says:

    WHAT IF in the future one of the country manage to win the land. IS IT WORTH IT? The so called "territory trespass" that both party claim the other one did, is just an excuse to show off their power. The new generation are just fighting fruitless war because the old 'wise' people couldn't talk it out.
    Think about it, if one of your family member were to join that fire would you think is worth that they risk their life for it? What do they gain if they were to win? And again, is it really worth it?

  • Craig Dillon says:

    Smart man. No one can predict what will happen when bullets fly. A "short" war can easily expand into total war. Does China want that? I doubt it. But, they are playing with fire.

  • yashadatta deo says:

    There should not be war between India and China. I hope they will join hands to counter US influence. Besides we are ASIANS. And in long term, China will be in beneficial position if they will join hands with India as compare to Porkistan, which is preaty unstable country and full of religios retards and terrorists. Besides, how much ever China deny, huge number of people follows Budhism which has originated from India. We have common roots. China is not eternal enemy of India like Porkies. Ignore all media which are mostly assholes, be in China or in India and their war rhetoric.

  • H Q says:

    Eviction is coming, go back to India to enjoy onion and curry.

  • H Q says:

    Eviction is all what needed for those illegal border transgressors.

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