DARPA to Test ‘Submarine’ Drone That Takes Off from the Ocean

This year, the Pentagon’s advanced research projects department will start testing their new “submarine” drone, which can lie in wait on the ocean floor for years before ever being launched into the skies.

The new drones, being developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), are part of a new focus by the US military in developing and improving technology for emerging threats.

These deployable, unmanned systems and sensors can theoretically lie on the deep-ocean floor for years at time in anticipation of the US Navy’s need for non-lethal assistance. When needed, the deep-sea nodes can be activated remotely and recalled to the surface.

14 thoughts on “DARPA to Test ‘Submarine’ Drone That Takes Off from the Ocean”

  1. Of course there are no weapons on them. Why don't you go down there and look for yourself? Like we could make sure they don't have any on the ocean floor.

  2. Oh heck, why don't they just blow up the planet and be done with it. It never ends with these people,more and more weapons on the planet. I'm so sick of this.

  3. Looks like a Torpedo. Gee no weapons on them. So DARPA has another Pacifist thing to go with their Autonomous Humanoid Metal Robots… Who knew they were peaceniks?

  4. Well after my comment on your gold video youtube locked me out of my "eddivision15" account and won't let me in!
    So I got this ancient account.
    See you around…

  5. It would appear as if they've taken some lessons from USO's(submerged UFO) with a dormant ship in the ocean that can rise and take flight. 

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