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DARPA tests laser cannon over Michigan

DARPA and Lockheed Martin are testing an airborne laser cannon in the skies over Michigan. The trials are meant to determine the weapons performance under high-intensity situations, and not its actual effectiveness. RT’s Ameera David takes a look

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  • Macin toshiba says:

    wait, what.

    This channel is called "Russia Today America"?

    Or did i get something wrong

  • Juan Carlos Rodriguez says:

    Delivering freedom at the speed of light!

  • Steve W says:

    It's funny because they said this didn't exist not so many years ago. Even going so far as to call people conspiracy theorists when they talked about it. It's no shock that they were lying.

  • Jacob Johnson says:

    "Fighter Jet"

  • Alejandra Covarrubias says:


  • Frank Manti says:

    Yeah, let's spend more money on better ways to kill each other…

  • STAXONDECK1 says:

    They have this bit we have the force (Kybalion)

  • etcher1981 says:

    now there using the technology they used to take down the twin towers eh???  nice….smh

  • yakyakyak69 says:

    It's easy when politicians use the threat of
    government gun violence to take & spend
    other people's money.

  • Cinnabun says:

    Something disturbing about these companies spending trillions of dollars over the years to continuously create weapons to combat a non-existent threat.

  • viperswhip says:

    I know this isn't the best news for liberal folks, but for us super geeks that have lived and breathed sci-fi since our infancy…well, this is fun news.

  • conspiracymedia says:

    this Laser is in the 747 that was seen over pentagon on 911..Father worked on it at Boeing in 90s

  • dipojones says:

    They will attach it to Drones and use it against you slaves when the dollar finally collapses. 

  • Desire123ification says:

    A Learjet isn't a fighter, although it was initially designed to be a fighter.  Won't be easy!

  • Luxury Plaster says:

    You are smart !!

  • t4705mb6 says:

    "Conspiracy theorists" knew about this as FACT LONG ago.

    Now it's time for it to "come out" in the muggle media so those meat-heads can be amazed, bewildered, confounded and, as usual…….SCARED TO FUCKING DEATH!

    (Now, grab your Paddington Bear, dive under the bed, call your GOD Obama and scream "HELP!!!!" Then just lay there trembling in "terror" sucking your thumb and shitting your long johns. That's all your good for anyway.)

  • Roaring Back says:

    Technology in the wrong hands. Wow this is getting out of control . Alien invasion coming or kill more

  • Trish House says:

    Jeeze, it's MAR TIN – NOT Mar'in. I hate that made up crap coming out of the mouth of a professional.

  • Stephen .Shuman says:

    Just more wasted tax dollars

  • Starteller says:

    They can make the laser on Gamma frequency and then fry people inside their houses without damaging the houses.

  • Playingwith3D says:

    very simple platform, an engine, wings for lift, and a big assed generator.

  • Rob M says:

    If this thing can stop rockets/ missiles etc then this can be a good thing

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