Crashes: Greece Jet, Venezuela Jet, Italy Trains, Pakistan Train, Russia Submarine, Asia Bird Flu

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Greece Jet
AP Television News
Near Grammatikos, Greece – 15 August 2005
Wide shot crash scene, emergency vehicles and tail of plane on hill side
Tail section of plane, fire engine next to it and workers examining it
Workers lift up wreckage with their feet on scorched hillside
AP Television News
Grammatikos – 16 August 2005
Mid shot of relative walking over and placing flowers close to plane wreckage
Venezuela Jet
AP Television News
Machiques, Venezuela – 17 August 2005
Various aerials crash site
AP Television News
Machiques – 16 August 2005
Wide of plane wreckage
Mid shot of investigators lifting up plane debris
AP Television News
Medan, Indonesia – 5 September 2005
Smoke billowing from scene
Various of people looking at remains of plane
Various of remains of plane with smoke rising from it
Remains of plane on fire
Italy Trains
AP Television News
Near Bologna – 7 January 2005
Night shots
Various shots of train wreck
Various shots of workers using cutting equipment
Pakistan Train
AP Television News
Near Ghotki – 13 July 2005
Various shots of upturned train, people sitting and standing on top
Shot showing impact of collided trains
Covered dead body near train
Tilt up of trains
AP Television News
Near Ghotki – July 13, 2005
Various shots of train wreckage
Russia Submarine
Russian Pool
Beryozovaya Bay – 7 August 2005
Various shots of rescued submarine on the surface surrounded by rescue ships
Mid shot of Sergei Ivanov watching from ship as submarine rescue is confirmed
Long shot of submarine on the surface
AP Television News
Petropavlosk Kamchatsky – 7 August 2005
Rescued submariners on deck of navy vessel
Asia Bird Flu
AP Television News
FILE: Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam – Recent
Various shots of Vietnamese chicken farm
Poultry being checked at checkpoint
Poultry being sprayed
AP Television News
Thai Binh Province – 4 March 2005
Various shots of farmer feeding his livestock
AP Television News
Beijing – 10 June 2005
Wide shot of press conference given by World Health Organisation
SOUNDBITE (English) Doctor Shigeru Omi, World Health Organisation Regional Director:
“The virus remains unstable, unpredictable and very versatile. ”
AP Television News
Tangerang, Indonesia – 21 July 2005
Various shots of ducks in poultry farm
Various shots of ducks having blood samples taken
SOUNDBITE (Bahasa Indonesian) Siti Fadilah Supari, Indonesian Health Minister:
“In places where we find bird flu cases, we must slaughter all animals and poultry within a three-kilometre radius.”
AP Television News
Jakarta – 19 September 2005
Wide shot of entrance to Ragunan zoo
Various shots of zoo workers having their blood taken
Mother carrying a child, who is the latest child suspected of contracting bird flu, into isolation unit
Two children suspected of contracting bird flu in an isolation room
AP Television News
New York – 29 September 2005
SOUNDBITE (English) Doctor David Nabarro, World Health Organisation (WHO):
“The avian flu epidemic has to be controlled if we are to prevent a human influenza pandemic.”
Wide press conference
SOUNDBITE (English) Doctor David Nabarro, World Health Organisation (WHO):
“Let’s say the range of deaths could be anything between five and 150 million, which is a range that’s often quoted at me. ”
Ceamurlia Romania – 8 October 2005
Officials throwing carcasses into pit
Officials pouring inflammable liquid into pit
Officials throwing burning rag into pit to burn carcasses
Various of nurses injecting woman in arm with vaccine
AP Television News
AP Television News

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