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Crash After High Speed Pursuit of Drug Boat by Coast Guard

Customs and Border Protection P-3 aerial footage of a Coast Guard high speed pursuit of drug smuggler on open ocean. Pursuit results in a collision between the two boats and the smuggler boat becoming beached.

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  • Dennis Adrian Rivas says:

    No hay nada

  • AMC guy says:

    that lcs boat is insane.

  • Garzooka says:

    Ears Sierra

  • KAYLESROSE4 says:


  • coastie usa says:

    steps 1-4 per your ROE and operational guidelines steps 2 and 4 require CO approval the pursuit/tac coxswain and gunner must request it. so the whole youre far away out to sea , you want to hurt the drug dealer thing doesnt fly. The CG or Navy command will burn you to the ground…… Also remember the pursuiit coxswain is usually a BM3 OR BM2 for the coast guard the highest ranking on our OTH was and e5. unlike the navy that floods their boat with e7 an o2.

  • Carson Corbin says:

    Good eye seeing that shot. That was actually the Panamanian ship rider shooting warning shots into the air. He wasn't aware that we don't operate like that, lol. Also, it wasn't an OTH, it was a 33foot Navy Pursuit boat, operated by a CG pursuit coxn and crew.

  • RootedHat says:

    come on dude don't bring the "not authorised" you're at see, far away on or not on water, and a criminal in front of you, who smuggles drugs and all the consequences that this includes, ie. dependency from their users, all the family bullshit it creates, the crime, and all the problems related to it.

    Surely you'd wanna shoot this bastard down, or at least hurt him. I say THIS is what happened. It's a gun man it is clear.. show some people and see ?

  • CoastiePirate says:

    Honestly I don't know. It could be an IR reflector on his PFD or the OTH lighting off an illumination flare…and that law officer would be a Boarding Officer. Its only one flash. Handguns are not authorized for warning shots. Really don't know what it is man.

  • RootedHat says:

    yeah but you're still not explaining what is that flash thing coming out of what looks like a handgun held by an officer of law?

  • CoastiePirate says:

    Saw what your talking about. That early in the chase it was not a shot fired from the CG boat. That boat is called an Over the Horizon (OTH) boat. Its not armed other than with crew arms like shotguns and M-16s. Its takes a lot of communcation between plane, cutter, and boat crew to decide and employ disabling fire. And never that early in a pursuit unless the confronted with deadly force.

  • RootedHat says:

    also @ 2:13 (you have to rewind a little to see the action) _ There is a cop shooting at the boat, you see the infrared heat of the bullet going out the cannon! a quick flash on the cops' boat,look closely.

  • RootedHat says:


  • RootedHat says:

    Ironclad gunboat 

  • Battlefield Sources says:

    Thanks just changed it.

  • Status173 says:

    Very annoying sound..Get rid of it!

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