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Coalition Forces Destroy Attacking Anti-Aircraft Machine Guns

Video of Coalition Forces conducting an air strike on al-Qaeda terrorist cells and vehicles with anti-aircraft artillery west of Taji. Scenes include Coalition Forces destroying anti-aircraft vehicles, terrorists fleeing the area on foot and hiding in a treeline. No sound but good descriptive overlays.

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  • fonquisha watermelon says:

    get some depleted uranium hahah

  • fonquisha watermelon says:

    get some depleted uranium hahah

  • Tenzin Yega says:

    One word…………..Cool……………………

  • EVO101 says:

    Allah Akbar that bacon eaters

  • TheKeithvidz says:

    the tree line was probabaly hit by an A 10's GAU 8…thuse nuclear DU ammo pollutes afghans and yankees alike

  • moist faucet says:

    To Deal with the West, you gotta to have Nuclear Weapon ! that's prerequisite.

  • cegled1982 says:

    Let me guess it was an A-10!

  • FLOYD AND PINK says:

    was that a cluster bomb?

  • snottydyck says:

    Kind of think this is from "Call of Duty"…maybe wrong but nice job either way!

  • Grim Reefer says:

    Gotta love the A-10 gatling gun.. unless your a muslim terrorist that is…

  • Alba Gu Bràth says:

    Dont understand why they waited to take out gun and truck separately. Why not send a hellfire or two and blow the fuckers out of existence too ?? Not best use of hardware and fuck collateral damage….smoke the cunts every chance.

  • Joachim Sudergat says:

    Good Work.

  • John Adams says:


  • Leroy Jerome says:

    Exitingingly .. won. The batyle

  • Jonathan Hernandez says:

    Jeez . Massive Destruction.

  • Abel says:

    Gives definition to the phrase; "light em up!"

  • BIGWOOD3160 says:


  • Kenneth Mccloud says:

    two words……FUCK THEM

  • SoCalDualSport says:

    We wouldn't be there if they didn't fuck with us.

  • Pbever says:

    CoD is unrealistic as hell and barely represents what it truly looks like.

  • MeMad Max says:

    Wow, that was the best tree removal service I ever saw…

  • Tomis Muska says:

    this is how it is done. but… i doubt they would be shooting at you at all if you were not in their country fight them…

  • joefreeman856 says:

    Were they in a chopper or a jet?

  • Corto Maltese says:

    Yeah. The Quran is a holy book, like the Bible, but the difference is that, the Quran is more like a law book which comes into private life and all day behavior while the Bible is more like a book which relates some legandary stories with also some rules, but they aren't really explicitly written. Add to this that the Quran was written when Muslim community was small, and had to defend itself against pagan tribes in the Arabic peninsula. You have to replace the book in its context for some laws

  • Alex Cruceru says:

    In a perfect world , deaths should be only when you are 90 and you die because of too much beer , porn, smoking & sex , all in the same time.

  • Maguel83 says:

    Well said!

  • Maguel83 says:


  • SchwarzundWeis says:

    Fun fact + offtopic: When Reagam met the Taliban in 1983 he said: “These are the moral equivalent of America’s founding fathers”

    I always new america was a terriost nation 😉

    dont take this too serious, just trying to show how ironic histroy is and how moral and ethics dont matter when it comes to political allies and enemies in reality

  • michael kingston says:

    listen you fucking cock blowing little faggot! I have no care for your comments what so ever so crawl back under your rock you piece of shit!

  • michael kingston says:

    11st 6ft I'm hardly fat. Also I was born in hanover, west germany you fool! admittingly it was on british soil. I'm far from unfit you troll so get a life and pester someone else…

  • michael kingston says:

    I am stupid lol? since when was REBUILDED a word you clown! Until you can come up with some hard facts and learn to spell then don't waste my time!

  • michael kingston says:

    Iraq has had funding to rebuild so to say they left them in ruines and stole everything is funny. About $33 billion in grants and loans were pledged. Of this, $18.4 billion was from the U.S. with another $5 billion from Japan, $812 million from the EU, $500 million from Kuwait and offers of loans from World Bank and the IMF amounting from $5.5 to $9.25 billion.Some countries pledged to reduce the debt that Iraq owed to them and to provide direct donations in forms such as food and fuel.

  • Alex Cruceru says:

    Until the invasion there were no "terrorists" in Irak.Get over it.

  • SolusArmatura says:

    To bad most of the "Iraqi Terrorist" are actually foreign fighters from the surrounding countries eh? Of those "terrorist" who are Iraqi and of whom still blow themselves up in populated Iraqi market places aren't terrorist in your mind, then may what ever god or theory you believe in help you.

  • Antifaith29 says:

    Youre right. Usually the people i speak to make sence. Right or wrong i can still understand what they're getting at. It's not often someone comes at me with a disjointed ..what..accusation?
    For the record, im not american and i ride a motorcycle, i dont drive trucks 😛

  • Alex Cruceru says:

    It is their country,The terrorists are the invading army.Morons.You can't say to that poor iraqi guy that he is a terrorist in his own country.How dumb can you guys be? You don't use your brain att all I guess.

  • Alex Cruceru says:

    But you don't get the oil in that other way that you say.America has huge oil rserves but they go and take from others because when this all stops , you can still drive those stupid huge shity cars, named trucks.So give me a break.US is like Russia or China.Comunists! 🙂 I bet you never heard this one before.

  • VoiceGermany says:

    i love how americans call everyone a terrorist, and at the same time they got military bases in more than 100 countries. faith in humanity lost again….

  • kainheinrich says:

    terrorist….freedom fighters….they are all the same worthless shit……they dont deserve to live….. i say…kill them all!!!!!!!

  • ScabeiathraxUK says:


    As for the reasons we might be there; personally, I think it is mostly about the oil, but also about war profiteering.

    There are easier and cheaper ways to get it, but with those supplies being limited, better to take what Iraq has, before it gets rare, and puts Iraq in a powerful position to control oil flow.

    It was also timed with the NATO-Afghanistan invasion, because the Afghan invasion was justified and UN sanctioned, intending for people to confuse the reasons for the two.

  • ScabeiathraxUK says:

    Saddam had to go, but Gaddafi was worse, and it took us an extra decade to get around to him. If deposing a despotic ruler was our goal, there are tens of countries worse off than Iraq.

    We should have known about the state of their WMDs beforehand. That's what our massive military intelligence budgets are for. There's no excuse for not being able to outmaneuver a country that was actually mostly neutral towards us, and decades behind in tactics and technology.


  • Antifaith29 says:

    I dont buy ALL the " reasons" , at the same time i also dont buy ALL of the reasons alot of anti war people say also. " We're just there for the oil" is one that particulary annoys me. There are much easier and cheaper ways to get it, ya know? lol

  • Antifaith29 says:

    A few , certainly not nearly as many as they had us believe but Saddam definatley had to go. He was, without a doubt a monster. Weather or not that constituded an invasion? I doubt it but hey, i was just a grunt. I dont claim to have all the info. We all now know there were no WMD's but at the same time, the first time we invaded we discovered Iraq was roughly six months out from building a nuclear warhead and we had no idea untill AFTER we hit them. Suffice to say i dont buy all ( cont)

  • ScabeiathraxUK says:

    Sorry, I assume everyone here is American. Most of the time I'm right xD

    Despite contribution by other nations to the Iraq invasion, I don't really consider it a coalition action. That isn't to diminish the actions of non-US soldiers, but rather because I think the reasons to invade were entirely American. We were there because America is our ally.

    As for the reasons, can you think of any that aren't bullshit? Saddam's violation of the no-fly zone wasn't exactly reason to invade Iraq.

  • Antifaith29 says:

    Im Australian. My government just trailed along like they do every time lol. That said, i spent 12 months in Iraq and 22 in Astan. The coalition went to Iraq for alot of reasons, some of them we now know as bullshit, some true. The AQ thing was just one of many. They were set on going anyway.

  • ScabeiathraxUK says:

    It's fact based on the best knowledge available to me, released from the U.S. state department.

    It might be incorrect, but my point is that your government seems to think al-Qaeda weren't in Iraq until after 2003. And if your government did not think they were there, they would not have invaded Iraq to find them. See what I mean?

  • Antifaith29 says:

    Is that speculation or fact? Im not saying you're wrong, infact it would make sense but unless you were/are a member, how would you know? Isnt the whole point of a terror cell to remain unknown untill called on for their job? I would put it to you that perhaps we found out about it then lol.

  • Rosen says:

    RIP brave AA machine gunners, atleast you died defending your home.

  • ScabeiathraxUK says:

    @holysoks1 AQI is the branch specific to Iraq. That's the one I was talking about.

    al-Qaeda was formed way before 2003, but AQI was formed in 2003.

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