China’s Navy approaches US coast

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Five vessels of the Chinese Navy are currently on the high seas of the Bering Sea in the area of the Aleutian Islands. The American military report that they have been following their acts for some days so far. Before that the US has never registered such activity of China in the region.
However, the White House is aware of the Chinese ships’ being off the Alaska coast. The Pentagon noted that they pose no threat. Noteworthy, that the Chinese ships approached the US coast just at the time Obama is in Alaska. The President has arrived to draw attention to the climate change.
The Chinese warships approached the Aleutian Islands after having taken part in joint naval drills with Russia. They appeared off the American territory the day before parade commemorating 70th Anniversary of the end of WWII is held in Beijing.

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  • Reply
    Lifu Zhang
    January 23, 2017 at 12:48 am

    the US far too often sail its ships close to China, time to return that favor to the US.

  • Reply
    Викентий Мадзин
    January 23, 2017 at 12:48 am

    China and Russia needs to take care while Durak Obumma is commander in chief of the most powerful navy on earth, including the nuclear boomers. Unfortunately an Ohio class sub can launch a missile with 8 300 kiloton warheads on a shallow trajectory and take out Chinese cities within 15 minutes. And the USAF's intrusive recon satellites and aircraft knows exactly where china has her extremely powerful (up to 20 megatons) nuclear ordinance 1 TO 5 Megatons as they do not possess the accuracy of US or Russia. In a WW 2 style conventional naval war the US would trounce china easyly with 16 carrier groups and several super stealthily fast attack subs. I'm afraid that Russia wanting desperately to avoid another 1941 Will go nuclear to defend themselves. Putin himself called the USA the worlds only super power. Do we need a president that calls Putin a dictator in charge of the nukes, or one that will work with him. Hilldog Clinton is to dangerous to become president. Enough of this shit with the libtards like Obumma.

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