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Home » aircraft » China Military ties in Syria Bible Prophecy unfolding Breaking News August 17 2016

China Military ties in Syria Bible Prophecy unfolding Breaking News August 17 2016

China Military ties in Syria Assad regime Bible Prophecy unfolding China seeks closer military ties with Syria Russia using Iran air base Breaking News August 17 2016 End Times News Update

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  • Anthony Ciferri says:

    Russia and China can't trust there Generals.

  • ruben one says:

    Why don't China , Iran, Turkey, North Korea and Russia form a pact as against Nato.

  • Rhys Larsen says:

    wwIII west vs east is inevitable

  • Nassir Rashed says:


  • samir panjwani says:

    If WORLD WAR 3 , happens AMERICA will not lose , u know why 
    BCOZ they have BATMAN

  • Hùng Kiệt says:

    China is wolf in sheep clothing

  • Alvin Gabriel says:

    NATO Countries are just another faction of world terrorist's?

  • The Goat says:

    china should just let those muslim go kill each other, there is no gains from saving someone who are taught to kill non believer

  • Hl A says:

    How would Turkey assist Russia? They shot down a Russian plane.

  • Bitch Is My Job says:

    China i hope you destroy the Western Backed Terrorists.

  • TemujinMSM says:

    America is trying to surround China and Russia, that's what NATO is about, the Ukraine coup is about, the TPP and saber rattling in the Pacific is about.

  • ocolotav1 says:

    Prophecy? The question should be where is god when you need him?

  • Adolfo says:

    gli anticristo sono tutti coloro che sono contro Cristo…non dimentichiamolo! non quelli che lo difendono e lo rispettano e quelli che lo pregano.

  • President Little lamb says:

    America is 20yrs ahead of the would in defense, this is very true 🇺🇸

  • Luis Montoya says:

    The bible is a piece of shit book that needs to be forgotten. Why must all these stupid christians always want to make what is written in that stupid book relevant to current times. Remember when they were walking around with end of days posters in 1914 because of World War 1? If the end of the world is all you have to look forward to do us all a favor and stick the business end of a pistol in your mouth and pull the fucking trigger.

  • Jay Alan says:

    Well, the world has overlooked the much more powerful India. India's military could destroyed China in a very short time. Syria should invite India instead of the weaker CHina.

  • Ecce Homo says:

    China will NEVER assist with boots on the ground – and if they do, it will ONLY be for economic reasons.

  • Inba Montana says:

    you saw on this video, America is supporting rebel…"REBEL"……."YES! REBEL" not a government. Very very ridiculous!

  • Hope Navajo says:

    It's no wonder the devil has been hard at work deceiving the whole world except for a few. Satan has been undermining God's redemption for fallen mankind.The Bible says the devil is deceiving the whole world. Revelation 12:9

  • Hope Navajo says:

    Yes,it does. The Bible always mentions nations as beasts,or horns in symbolic terms. The Bible does mention the U.S as the land beast (Rev. 13: 11)and the Roman Catholic as the sea beast.(Rev. 13:1 – 10) God loves Roman Catholics as his own children,He loves them,but he hates system that enslave them. The Bible is full of symbols,but you gotta understand and have a Strong's concordance. When John was on Patmos he had to write it in symbolism terminology so the Roman authorities won't understand it and for fear of reprisals.

  • Hope Navajo says:

    China and Russia are no where in Bible prophecy. Pope John Paul II and Ronald Reagan worked together in the demise of the USSR. Its the land like beast (US)of Revelation 13 helping the little horn power(Roman Catholic Church) of Daniel 7 and Revelation 13 that will bring out a end time prophecy. You are putting a round peg into a square. History has proven that's the case. So much for Biblical ignorance.

  • Dan Gray says:

    Suck on that neo nazism

  • LovelyAshleyy says:

    Did this lady just say that the rebels that were siding with, blend to terrorist. hmm…. Shit Obama ordered us to side with these terrorist which makes him and this government a piece of shit.. It's time we stand to make America again. Overturn these pieces of shit..

  • T.J. HMAR says:

    Welcome to WW3 and the war of Armageddon.. be prepare.. Its gonna get interesting.. the old beast is out of games … the new beast arise from the sea of east– The king of the east is marching toward Megiddo.. Now the new era for the dragon lord to rule the world… no doubt.. to deceit the world , we ll see temporal peace in the world and soon we ll see Anti- Christ from the North ie. Europe, damn, we all are officially on for the last game.. hmm

  • daltrike flyer says:

    it appears that russia ,and china are trying to get some headway into the syria problem ,whereas the US DEMOCRATES are irritating the war with their REBEL IS GOODmentality (yes it helped form your nation )but in siria and many other world conflicts supporting rebels with free weapons can lead to failure and intensifying the conflicts.looking at what russia now china is doing and trying to solve the problem .whereas us is worsening the problem (sorry to say it but its plain to see .please us dont give rebels weapons its not working,and you appear to not have a grasp on the problem.

  • calvin lim says:

    fucken idoits.

  • Hope Springs says:

    Syria = A place called Armageddon. All the armies of the World.

  • Francisco Bizzaro says:

    China looks out for one thing. China.

  • Gazelle Bylas says:

    Lately I've been seeing stuff related to the bible not these crazy who say it's tomorrow don't you think i

  • Tyrone Kingstone says:

    1:58 it's not difficult to distinquish jabhat al-nusra from terrorism

  • abc64pan says:

    I just farted. Is that in Bible prophecy?

  • jack flash says:

    the Tiger wants to get in on that live fire practice and test some weapons out, the Bear can't have all the fun…i still find it hard to imagine that a few guys with very little training can cause such havoc for all these years against professional armies and air forces.. soon, when turkey wakes up and makes peace with assad, the M.E. can begin to rebuild…isis is in pain. proud of all countries fighting these organ eating zombies… Russia did the best job on turning the tide of this conflict..Assad will stay…

  • melogardener says:

    Turkey joining with Russia…lol lol lol … just a ruse to play head games for the UN/EU/Nato/Luciferian/Islamist Global Caliphate when Turkey has been providing arms for the US to ISIS until now while they slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent Christians, Yazidis and Kuds. NEVER believe anything that the Leftist Braindead Illuminati Islamist Caliphate say to anyone, anywhere, anytime!   They are the greatest liars and cowardly killers of innocent mankind of all the ages of man!

  • Trevor says:

    Russia and China send clear message to usa&Nato ! Dont even try invade syria..

  • old man of the mtn says:

    pick a side and let it begin. ww3 is getting deep.

  • Car News says:

    What a mess.They've destroyed
    the Syrian peoples country.

  • says:

    But the Syrian government didn't do anything about ISIS forever- they actually ALLOWED them into their cities and tolerated them taking over and establishing their own governments and laws in those cities. That's why nobody 'backed' the Syrian government and military, because they weren't doing ANYTHING about ISIS!! The rebels stood up and refused to see their cities kept being overrun and taken hostage by those ISIL rats. The rebel groups stood up and did what the government and military in Syria did not.

  • lee Denver says:

    the mf globalists(NWO) are helping the "good" terrorists

  • perfectioninheaven says:

    Very interesting. Now all we need to see is the Eurphraites river dried up to make way for the Chinese army to get across

  • BA™AN says:


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