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China has two types of missile to attack US satellites

Dong Neng-2 (Chinese: 动能2) is an anti-satellite missile of the People’s Liberation Army, developed in the early 2010s. It is designed as a high-earth orbit interceptor which destroys orbiting satellites by high speed kinetic impact.[1]

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  • William Mills says:

    Missiles can't make it into space……only a rocket can make it up there, and the US already has missiles in space, as well as high energy tactical lasers.

  • Raju Gurung says:


  • Khairul Anuar says:

    cina pasti kalah bila lawan us sebab senjata cina banyak guna tenologi russia

  • delon Thomas says:

    china rising

  • TOXIC GOODS says:

    FAKE !

  • Luis Andrade says:

    the USA racists are running around like a chicken without a head!! it!s a matter of time unlike Mexico China will turn the tables on the US military thugs!!!

  • ryan ish says:

    To bad the US is 50 yrs ahead of China in space. Go to the moon and realize we already have a base on the dark side

  • hogorina says:

    a snake in the grass. This scoundrel has crawled forth from his personal sewer—gutless, subtle & cruel, spilling his colon with lies and an in-crowded disposition to serve gangsters controlling our Republic.
    This sycophant is a massive mole, with a magnetic gift to lie
    down with dogs, in order to consume political vomit. His intelligence is limited to dredging the manure of one dung-pit to another. He is one outstanding Bull artist !

  • Bri Guy says:

    Oh now I get it, in order to get a Nobel peace prize you;
    1 – Create a terrorist group
    2 – Over throw/murder elected leaders in other countries
    3 – Blow up hospitals/kill civilians
    4 – Antagonize the biggest world leaders/super powers to get into a fight/start wars you don't win
    5 – And lie about EVERYTHING……………………….just trying to keep things strait

  • Martin Reed says:

    amca and its star wars toys

  • Martin Reed says:

    good byee and good night bbces ch4 etc channel radiooo headphones miks etc cds hi acting liying hocus pocus all doing satalites amca allies etc and chna rusa

  • Martin Reed says:

    missiles be up to do for amcas misiles ready.

  • UltraLegoGamer says:

    We, the USA, probably have like 10 spare satellites anyways.

  • Paco Jammeh says:

    the table is turning but someone don't like it,well any country have to technology to prevent it self from the new world others trying to domenate the world,go China.

  • Rene Dulnuan says:

    severe encounter

  • rumel siddiqu says:

    Fuck China and Go US. china will never be a superpower.

  • Bernard Tan says:

    @Webmaster Caribou – Every superpowers had in one way or the other been killing millions of people, either directly, indirectly or through proxy.  Yes,mllions of people had been killed and this was due to the unification of the nation or the defense of one own country.  This is contary to what the US had done by creating wars and confilicts that caused millions death through their greed for oil, the paranoid of their lawmarkets for their own interest and agenda.  The invasion of Iraq, Libya have resulted the current conflict in the Middle East and causing massive killings and sufferings, that has escalated into the influx of refugees and migrants to the EU countries.  The instigation on the breaking up of the Soviet Union has caused million of deaths and sufferings over decades within these break-away soviet territories, and currently, Ukarain.   It is you that do not have any clue as to its facts.   Now the US is provocating the probems in the South China Seas, and do you blame China and Russia in strengthen their military power ?   What about the creations of all the terriorist groups around the world ?  As a matter of fact the only logical way in having peace in the world and avoiding World War 3 is to maintain that "check and balance".  This is all due to the arrogance,  greedy and power crazy billionaires and lawmarkers of the US.  In general the ordinary citizens of the US are sensible, rational and peace loving people, but unfortunately the nation is being "ruled and controlled" by this minority group which is too powerful and that causes all the major problems around the world.  Another fact in enhancing your so called "clue" is that almost all nations of the world did not like the US.  Their so called allies have to put up a show due to their economic and military superiority and nothing else.  It is the US that could not be trusted as they even spied on their closest allies.  Hopefully this would wake you up and face the reality of what US is.

  • Hunt Troy says:

    soon I will fuck ur ass….

  • alzkie sabdullah says:

    USA will fuck your missile back to china lol USA is the most powerful military forces in the history

  • Walter paradox says:


  • Hea Jung kim says:

    China is fake as hell. I'm Chinese, the government gives the fake number of the GDP, the real GDP is one forth of the one they claimed or even less. Most of us living in an extremely poor life, we can't even afford eggs and coca cola. You can't believe I'm this county, if you can afford the eggs, it shows you a rich person. People from west and central parts of China are even still eating grasses as food. I'm being serious, we are as poor as most african countries. And I believe it is india who will be the next super power. India is far ahead of china in almost every field. Do not believe in Chia data.

  • Aaron Lightle says:

    I say fuck all of this shit and just smoke a joint or two and listen to some down to earth music. ✌️😄

  • bestamerica says:

    big haha…
    china is copy – steal from america idea…
    china use american owner computer…
    china is secret allied friendship with ussr russia / north korea

  • Shalo Ban says:

    Go China and fuck USA 

  • Thagendra Dahal says:

    go ahead chaina !

  • AsiA I says:

    kill the whites

  • John Law says:

    US is attacking tens of different countries right now. Flying into other countries terroritory. Interfering with governments. China had not attacked one single thing and this stupid video makes it sound as though China is going to start WW3 tomorrow. If WW3 begins it is by US.

  • Foo Fighter says:

    This is just what they want, so they will do what they want…we really have no say in the matter now, it is and has been out of our hands for a long, long time now.

  • Алла Шевелева says:

    China is future!!!! Its time for a aliance with russia china and euripe, and china,!!!!

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